The village of Hierges is a medieval village located in Val d'Ardenne. Here are the 4 good reasons to come and visit it...

Hello to everyone,
Here I am again, always present to talk to you about our territory of Val d'Ardenne. Today, let's talk a bit about the medieval village of Yesterday and 4 good reasons, in my opinion, to go there (non-exhaustive list).

If you are still looking for ideas for visits or discoveries, follow me and let's discover these 4 good reasons together, let's go!

Reason number 1: The castle

Obviously, you cannot miss, passing in front of the village, the magnificent Hierges Castle, the first traces of which date back to the XNUMXth century, during the Viking and Norman incursions. Perched on a rocky outcrop, it dominates the village and offers a perfect view from afar, to anticipate enemy attacks. Today it belongs to an owner and is therefore private.

Reason number 2: The history of the village

As you now know, the medieval village of Hierges contains some history. Moreover, between the many wars that took place there, the many families who were at the head of the village and the many places retracing the past, you will not be able to miss historical elements!

For example, let's talk a bit about the history of his church, which is of course an important part of the village.

First of all, you should know that previously, there was no church in the village. It was therefore necessary to wait for the arrival of Gilles de Berlaimont at the head of Hierges to build one. Thus in 1579, the lord and his wife Lamberte de Croy built: the church of Saint Jean-Baptiste.

Church of Saint John the Baptist

Reason number 3: Tranquility

The village of Hierges, located 200 meters above sea level and is one of the smallest on the tip, it has about 195 inhabitants and is ranked 16th out of 19 municipalities. Also, it is made up of only one street. So, given these figures, you can imagine that calm and tranquility are the key word. Come and stroll there for a moment, and take a walk in its street which is completely paved!

Place de la Fontaine Hierges

On the village square, restaurants and inns await you, in order to make the most of the idyllic setting of the place and its certain tranquility...

Reason number 4: The proximity of the village to other towns to discover

The village of Hierges is located about 5 minutes by car from Vireux-Molhain and about 10 minutes from Givet. In both cases, these cities also offer other activities.

Bread oven

Take the example of Vireux-Molhain which houses a roman camp dating from the third century. Moreover, of this old fortification, the two corner towers of the enclosure, a bread oven, a circular hearth and a cemetery remain visible.

Roman camp

It is a discovery not to be missed and located only about 5 to 10 minutes by car!

I hope this top 4 will answer some of your questions, I'll see you very soon in another article!

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