Hello to everyone, Let's discover today 5 of the good reasons to come to our territory of Val d'Ardenne. Located in the very north of the department, it has many things to discover and/or do and above all unforgettable memories to offer you!


Cruises on the Meuse with “Le Charlemagne”

Accompanied by the crew of the Charlemagne, take a cruise on the Meuse for around 2 hours. This will allow you to admire the landscapes and do an activity while relaxing. On board, you will have the opportunity to eat and drink.

Charlemagne cruises



A reason to make the detour to the town of Givet, an unmissable site when we enter the city through the Porte de France, the citadel of Charlemont will offer you a complete page of history on it. Built during 2 eras, it is partly accessible free of charge, except for the eastern tip and the guided tours which are chargeable.



The medieval village of Hierges

It is possible to see on our territory a medieval village, this one is named Hierges. Known for its cobbled streets, but also its castle, this village offers an atypical setting to its visitors. On the village square you will find something to eat.

The village of Hierges


The Roman camp of Vireux-Molhain

Vireux-Molhain offers its visitors the opportunity to discover a site with many vestiges still present: the Roman camp... The detour is worth it either to see these witnesses of the past, or to enjoy the walk...

The Roman camp


Revin's Spanish House

Organized over 3 floors, this visit will take you back to the heart of the life of a family in the 1920s on the ground floor, then, in an exhibition room on 1er floor and finally, on the top floor, you will be immersed in the industrial past of the city of Revin.

The Spanish house

This list is of course not exhaustive because other experiences, and other discoveries await you here, in Val d'Ardenne!

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