View of the Charlemont citadel
The restaurant La Terrasse with a view of Charlemont

Today I take you to discover an extraordinary restaurant, located in the charming tourist town of Givet: La Terrasse. This atypical restaurant offers an unusual parenthesis on the water. Indeed, its terrace, its kitchen, the toilets… all rests on a floating pontoon. You will understand, so you will have your meal on the water. Cradled by the Meuse, with, as the icing on the cake, a breathtaking view of the town of Givet and Charlemont Citadel.

La Terrasse: A parenthesis on the water

I arrived by car via the left bank of Givet and, already in the distance, the terrace catches the eye and piques curiosity. "Look, what is that?" wonder most passers-by who are not yet familiar with the concept. It is indeed a restaurant, with a particularity. It is fully floating. A parenthesis on the water to test absolutely during your stay in Val d'Ardenne. Once there, I am kindly welcomed by the owner of the premises, the designer of this project: Eric Bellaiche. Already, the feeling is strange when going up on the pontoon. La Terrasse moves slightly but not to the point of giving you the pain of “Meuse” I can assure you.  

View from the Terrace on Charlemont, citadel of Givet

Eric installs us and immediately offers us plaids just in case. The big chilly that I am is delighted. That day, the sun was at the rendezvous but a light cool wind could well have bothered me. Yet the terrace is covered with an arbor to protect us from the weather. It can also be heated if the weather requires it. I stand ready. A plaid on the shoulders, the senses on the lookout: immediate take-off! 

A journey of the 5 senses to the 5 corners of the world

I take off for a culinary journey to the five corners of the world. In effect, Eric Bellaiche came up with a unique concept. HAS the terrace, seven chefs come together to bring this unusual place to life. Each week, a different menu for constantly renewed taste discoveries, which awakens the 5 senses.
Indeed, while waiting for my aperitif, the smells emanating from the kitchen are already making my mouth water. The nostril on the lookout, I can't wait to discover the rest. The song of the birds and the movement of the waves generated by the eddies of the Charlemagne boat almost makes me feel like I'm at sea. It's confusing. I take advantage of this time to immortalize the places in photos.

View from the terrace on Charlemont and the barnacle geese

La Terrasse is ideally located with a breathtaking view of the left bank of Givet and especially of Charlemont, the citadel overlooking the city. A beautiful blue sky, the Meuse, the terrace, a real postcard setting. Total change of scenery! And the little extra that makes the difference, Canada geese posing just for me. 

Back on topic, I'm here to eat after all! The menu of the week is called BOEING. Everything is thought out so that this culinary experience takes us on a journey. The service begins and the promise is there. As beautiful as they are good, the plates, carefully prepared, leave empty, taking my taste buds to the five corners of the world.

BOEING 6 course menu
BOEING Menu at the Terrace – Givet

From the United States to Japan via Italy, Spain or even a stopover in Brazil. This sensory journey is an explosion of flavors. A unique experience to discover absolutely.


Meeting with Eric Bellaiche, owner of La Terrasse

Throughout the meal, Eric Bellaiche comes to introduce me to the food and wine pairings. He is the designer of this crazy project, but also a passionate winemaker and oenophile. Moreover, most of the wines selected for this trip come from its own production. We go up a notch and my meal takes turns of wine tasting. A real experience. Eric invites me to guess the aromas, the grape variety and the terroir of each wine. Again, my senses are on the alert: first the eye, then the nose and finally the mouth. And even if I know very little about oenology, Eric shares his know-how with me with pleasure and has no shortage of anecdotes on the subject. A quality service therefore, with the little extra that makes all the difference.

Selfie, portrait of Mégane with Eric Bellaiche, restaurant owner
Souvenir photo with Eric Bellaiche at the Terrace – Givet

“We begin the landing”

Comes the moment of the dessert. A look of gourmet coffee with several sweets reminiscent of the destinations I was able to discover just before: churros, pasteis de nata, lemon tart, dulce de leche and oriental pastries… A real treat for the eyes and the taste buds.

Dessert platter at the Terrace in Givet
A dessert at the Terrace – Givet

Before leaving, Eric gives me a passport with my first stamps which symbolizes my first trip aboard the Terrace. Eye for detail ! Once the passport is completed, the Terrace offers a surprise. Kind of like a loyalty system after all. I leave delighted to have lived this unique experience, with my little souvenir in my hand and the little selfie that goes well. Looking forward to the next trip!
Where will my next destination be?

Loyalty passport at the Terrasse in Givet
Terrace Passport – Givet

Live this experience:

Restaurant La Terrasse – Givet
Quay of the Heroes of the Resistance
08600 GIVET


La Terrasse can be fully privatized for your events, do not hesitate to contact them


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