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Réserve naturelle de Vireux-Molhain



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Located on the Franco-Belgian border, the customs wall owes its name to the former customs post of the time. Customs was on departmental road 47, the one that connects Vireux-Molhain (France) to Couvin (Belgium).

The customs wall is now the Vireux-Molhain Nature Reserve. Where in this protected setting, are full of prodigious legacies of the past. Known to geologists since the 1991th century, the Customs Wall site is exceptional for the abundance of fossil forms found. But also by the diversity of the species present and their authentic conservation. This site was very quickly renowned at the international level. To the point that professionals were no longer the only ones doing research. They were quickly joined by collectors and amateurs. Over the years, the partial destruction of the deposit worsened, which motivated a Nature Reserve project. Since XNUMX, this has made it possible to control the uncontrolled exploitation of fossils, so as to ensure the conservation but also the study of these witnesses of ancient forms of life that have disappeared forever (dinosaur bones, swimming animals, etc.) Regulations: The conservation of this fragile site involves a few basic rules that walkers are asked to respect: - ban on extracting or collecting fossils and minerals - ban on damaging the fauna and flora - ban on depositing rubbish outside the bins provided for this purpose - prohibition of circulation with motor vehicles.

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