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Natural Park à HAYBES

Point de vue La Roche à Fépin


08170 HAYBES

How do I get there?


Magnificent vantage point from which to observe the villages of Fépin, Revin, Fumay, Haybes, Montigny-sur-Meuse and Vireux. A breathtaking view!

You could give up before you find it, but that would be a shame! Here is one of the most breathtaking panoramas on "the valley". Let's keep it simple: almost 5 km after the exit of Haybes towards Hargnies, just before a sharp on the right, near the Hargnies forest sign, you must take a private road on your left. .We discover the fratricidal struggle between water and stone. The small village of Fépin, 2 meters below, seems lost in a grandiose setting.

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