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Cultural Event 15 March 2023

Maxime Le Forestier : Soirée Brassens

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Espace Jean Vilar, 08500 REVIN


Espace Jean Vilar
Place Jean Jaurès
08500 REVIN

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When Maxime Le Forestier pays a vibrant tribute to Georges Brassens through his songs... it's at the Espace Jean Vilar in Revin, on Wednesday March 15, 2023 at 20:30 p.m.

“Brassens is a benchmark in French song like Bach in classical music”. At the microphone of France Culture, Maxime Le Forestier could have added that the creator of the Chanson pour l'auvergnat had also been a beacon in his own career. From the album he dedicated to him in 1979 to the various Cahiers bringing together the entire work without omitting unpublished and posthumous pieces, Maxime Le Forestier has done more than pay a simple tribute to Georges Brassens. He interpreted it as one does a great classic, continuing to bring to life a work that is always speaking, always strong, always modern. He offered it to a new audience, as he himself discovered it at the age of 14 when he was learning guitar and song. He lived it, intensely, intimately, as he reported on in Brassens et moi, a book published in 2021 by Éditions Stock. His greatest successes – Sentimental Education, San Francisco, Born somewhere, Skip my route, Ambalaba – will never have looked away from Maxime Le Forestier who, like two previous world tours, and from the fall of 2022 until the end of 2023, will find his faithful and accomplice musicians on stage to continue to celebrate Georges Brassens and the inexhaustible source of inspiration that springs from his work.Bruno GuermonprezPrices: Full: €32 / Subscriber: €18 / Reduced: €7 Duration: 1h20

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