5 good reasons to come to Val d'Ardenne

Hello everyone, Let's go today to discover 5 good reasons to come to our territory of Val d'Ardenne. Located in the very north of the department, it has many things to discover and/or do and above all unforgettable memories to offer you! This list is of course not exhaustive because other experiences,…

The blue stone of Givet

North of the Ardennes… it is an emblematic stone. Its bluish color has changing reflections, depending on whether the weather is rainy or sunny. Blue it colors the facades of the houses, and, married to the brick, it will have no more admiration in your eyes. Thus, this limestone, with a tint…

The legend of the three bandits of Givet

The Ardennes, land of legends, abounds in mysteries and ancient Ardennes customs, vestiges of our past. Today, allow me to tell you one. Let's set off together to discover a mysterious legend attached to the town of Givet, the legend of the three robbers. Did you know? Legend has it that Givet and its region were terrorized for a long time and…

The Spanish House of Revin

The sun is starting to show the tip of its nose, the flowers too, spring has arrived. Tourists will soon be there, looking for some activities and discoveries in our beautiful Meuse valley. Land of legends and rich in its historical heritage, the Ardennes never ceases to enchant and amaze our tourists. It's here…

Discover The city of slate: the town of Fumay

Discover the city of slate by going there to see its must-see places

Discovering the Monument of the Maquis des Manises

Discover the history of this monument located in Revin and that of the courage of the maquisards...

10 good reasons to be proud to be from the Ardennes

are you proud to be from the Ardennes? Here are the 10 good reasons why!

Discovery of the city with a rich industrial past

Come and discover the town of Revin, which has a great industrial heritage and traces the emblematic history of certain families.

The 4 good reasons to go to the village of Hierges

The village of Hierges is a medieval village located in Val d'Ardenne. Here are the 4 good reasons to come and visit it...

Ideas for outdoor outings

Many outings, outdoors are possible on our territory of Val d'Ardenne. Come discover some of them with us!

Discover the old center of Givet

Let's go together today to discover the old center of the town of Givet, follow me, let's go!

Ideas for outings when you are passionate about history in Val d'Ardenne

Let's discover together the sites not to be missed when you are passionate about history and passing through the Val d'Ardenne

Card game: the Couillon!

Discover in this article the rules of the Couillon game, a very famous card game in the Ardennes!

Nichet cave

I take you to discover the mysterious cave of Nichet in Fromelennes in the Ardennes. A marvelous and strange site at the same time.

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