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Eglise Saint Jean-Baptiste de Hierges


Rue de l'église

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The Saint-Jean-Baptiste church in Hierges is a jewel of the Mosane Renaissance. Discover it.

The Saint-Jean-Baptiste church took over from a first chapel founded with the blessing of Pope Adrian VI (sovereign pontiff from 1522 to 1523). The current church was built in 1579 by the lords of Hierges, Gilles de Berlaymont and his wife Lamberte de Croy. It is a remarkable example of Mosan Renaissance, model of the churches of Foisches and Charlemont. It is also possible to admire its beautiful portal with its coat of arms hammered during the Revolution bearing a dedication plaque with this inscription: "Messire de Berlaimont and Lady Lamberte de Croy had this church built in honor of God and Saint Jean- Baptist 1579". Inside, the church has remarkable furniture dating from the end of the Middle Ages to the 1800th century. You will be able to discover all of this wealth during your visit. In front of the church is a lime tree which was planted around XNUMX. The whole thing transports you into the historical past of this place.

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