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Stèle allemande de la 1ère guerre mondiale


08600 GIVET

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Monument erected in 1915 located on the right bank of Givet, just after the small bridge spanning the Houille, and just before the roundabout.

This monument mentions the names of Germans killed at Givet during the attack of August 30, 1914. The main regiment was the 104th Saxon reserve regiment. In the years 1941/1945, the German soldiers who were in Givet had commemorated their compatriots by laying a wreath at the foot of the stele, but during the night, people had thrown it into the Houille. To punish this misdeed, the Germans forced the young people of Givetois to stand guard day and night at the foot of the stele, for almost a month. This monument has undergone some transformations. At the end of the 60s/beginning of the 70s, a car damaged it. It was Germans who moved to rebuild it, but certainly the large stones that made up the slopes were broken, and they reassembled it in its current form, with a smaller slope.

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