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Église Saint-Lambert

The church of Hargnies is located in the center of the charming little village.
Entirely built in Haybes arkose rubble, it has a Latin cross plan.
A little history: In the Middle Ages, the church was at the collation of the Abbot of Laval-Dieu and this right of patronage of the Abbot of Laval-Dieu dates back to 1199. During the war between Charles V and Francis I, Hargnies had only the massive tower of its church for defense: the governor of Charlemont received the order on June 15, 1558 to place a small garrison there. During the war in 1635 between France and Spain, the church of Hargnies resumed its role as a fortress and, in 1640, a detachment of French troops occupied at the siege of Charlemont came to set it on fire. Consequently, and in view of its characteristics, the Saint-Lambert church would have been rebuilt in the middle of the 03th century but the interior would have been taken over in the 24th century. Good to know: If, for security reasons, the church is not permanently open to the public, it is nevertheless accessible on simple request. Whether you are in a group or with your family, simply contact the town hall secretary on 41 61 17 24 48 who will offer you a guided tour with a member of the Hargnies Heritage Association. (Reservation XNUMX/XNUMX hours in advance). The average duration of the visit is one hour and free.
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