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Porte de la ruelle Charles Quint


Quai des Fours
08600 GIVET

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Quai des Fours, between the building of the new medical center and the building which currently houses the Givetoise cell of the community tourist office, stands a magnificent blue stone door, whose requalification of the quays in the early 200s led to restoration and lighting.

In the 1621th century (150), Ursuline nuns, who then ensured the education of young girls, resided in their house. This house was on the banks of the Meuse, inside the ramparts, probably next to what was to become the old clinic. Does the door that remains today come from this house or was it rebuilt later when another group of nuns settled in the same place? Pierre Hubert alludes to this when speaking of religious establishments (1789 years of life in Givet 1940-XNUMX): "Quai des Fours, a large building received blind children who were also cared for by nuns". On old postcards, you can see from left to right a large building, probably from the XNUMXth century, which was to give way much later to the Givet clinic, then you can clearly see the door, this one preceding the large building with an entrance porch in the center (probably also from the XNUMXth century, of the same construction as the previous one). The building of the nuns was probably that one. It housed, until recently, the European center for crafts and today, the Givetoise unit of the community tourist office. The door that interests us, does it predate it, perhaps from the time of the Ursulines? The question remains!

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