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Croix du duel à Hierges



How do I get there?


On the main square of the charming little village of Hierges, you will discover on a wall of one of the buildings, La Croix du Duel... there since 1579.

But what is its story... The story takes place in the 1th century, in front of the house of Johan Henquin, brewer and innkeeper in Hierges. Henry Mayreau is a soldier in Charlemont in the service of the King of Spain. One of his brothers, Thiry Mayreau, was clerk at the castle for Gilles de Berlaymont, Baron de Hierges. They are seated in front of the inn with many villagers on May 3, the day when the hiring of agricultural workers is negotiated. We drink a lot, when Jehan Collin, mayor of Vireux St Martin, arrives. Henry Mayreau gets annoyed and accuses the mayor of making remarks that tarnish his reputation. Jehan Collin's denials put him beside himself. He then enters the inn and seizes his sword which hangs on a nail and strikes Jehan Colin in the head and in the hand. Jehan Collin draws in turn and hits three shots that bring down his opponent... Henry Mayreau is dead. Detained at the castle, Jehan Collin was released the next day and on May 13, he sent a request for pardon to Gilles de Berlaymont. On June 1579, 600, Baron de Hierges, judging Jehan Collin in a state of self-defence, sent a letter releasing him, but ordering him not to stay on the lands of Hierges and banishing him for the rest of his life. Jehan Collin, moreover, will have to pay XNUMX gold florins to the orphans of the victim and to raise an expiatory cross at the place of the homicide.


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