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Givet et ses portes


RN51 quai de Rancennes-quai Dervaux
08600 GIVET

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Fortified city under Louis XIV, Givet then opened by six gates, all equipped with a drawbridge and near which was a bodyguard, sheltering a soldier in charge of the watch.

Today of these six gates, only three remain: Porte de France on route 8051 Porte de Rancennes near the quai de Rancennes Porte Charbonnière at the end of the quai Dervaux. But what were the three other doors that have now disappeared? To the east, the Porte des Vieux Récollets To the north, the Porte des Récollets On the right bank, the Porte de Luxembourg


  • fortified set
  • City
  • Military


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