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Monument aux morts de Givet

War memorial 1914-18 is located on Place Méhul, it is composed of a helmeted Marianne holding a sword. In the back, a rooster slaying the German hydra.
The monument was inaugurated on July 15, 1925.
A few words about the rooster located at the back of the monument... Made after the Great War, it is not surprising that at the time of the invasion of 1940 and the occupation which followed, the Germans wanted to seize and remove it. To participate in the design of some canon, it was first of all the bronze statue of Méhul, also at the time on Place Méhul, which disappeared first. Then the rooster, but in another way: The mayor at the time, Roger Declef, conceived the project of hiding it. He spoke to Mario Biadatti whom he often met in the town hall: The latter, in fact, resisting before his time, came to collect food vouchers for the French soldiers who had escaped from the German camps. Charged with the mission of unbolting the rooster, Mario Biadatti dismantled the rooster, hid it in a bag and transported it to n°13 rue d'Estrée (today rue Flayelle) to Gabriel Declef, court clerk and father of the chief magistrate. The rooster then disappeared into the yard… that was where the manure was! In September 1944, the very morning of the Liberation, he dug it out and took it to the town hall. All that remained was to put it back in place on the monument. This is how the famous rooster on the Givet War Memorial was saved.
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Place Méhul
08600 GIVET
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