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Chapelle Saint-Roch


Place du Baty
08170 FUMAY

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The chapel was erected in 1662 under the orders of the city magistrate, in honor of St Roch, who saved the inhabitants from the Black Death.

It is at the end of the Place du Bâty that you will see the St Roch Chapel.Note: The legend of the St Roch chapel While a plague epidemic was devastating the city, the magistrate of the time implored St Roch and ordered the oath to erect a chapel in his honor if this ceased. The miracle took place and it was therefore in 1662 that this chapel was built. In addition to the more than well-known legend of St Roch and his dog, a Fumacian legend tells that young girls of marriageable age would kiss the nail fixed to his door, thinking of their loved one. If the marriage was not celebrated in the year, it took place 7 years later (duration at the time of military service). Chapel visible only from the outside.


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