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Chapel of St. Roch

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Chapel erected in 1637 and located in the cemetery of Vireux-Wallerand.

Renovated, the chapel finally seems to be reborn. The St-Roch Chapel was erected following an epidemic of plague which raged in the region at the beginning of the 1349th century. Saint-Roch is often invoked as being the saint who ordinarily assists his devotees against contagion (of plague among others). Saint-Roch is generally represented with a dog. Saint-Roch was born in XNUMX in Montpellier. When he came of age, he distributed all his possessions to the poor and went on a pilgrimage to Rome. He stopped in several towns in Italy affected by the Black Death and obtained numerous cures. Unfortunately, he too caught the disease. He then retired to a forest so as not to infect others. Only the dog of a neighboring lord visited him and brought him bread stolen from his master's table every day. Intrigued by the ride of his dog, the lord followed him and discovered Roch at the bottom of his retreat. He rescued him and, thus, Roch recovered his health. Note: Chapel visible only from the outside.

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