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Fort Condé

Located on the road to Philippeville, the building dates from 1720. Originally built around a rock, it was an advanced defense of Fort Charlemont.
Fort Condé is built around a rock which was originally topped by a watchtower: the Maugis tower, later called the Villahermosa tower, named after the governor of the Spanish Netherlands, at the time when Givet was in Spanish possession. After Givet was annexed to France in 1678, this tower was razed and Vauban had the central redoubt cut into the rock built. From 1725 to 1732, this redoubt was included in a much larger work, Fort Condé, which was little modified thereafter. The role of Fort Condé was the advanced defense of Charlemont on the east side, like Fort de Rome on the west side. It is located in the plain about 500 meters from the citadel of Charlemont. The fort, designed by the engineer Candau, forms a pentagon whose perimeter measures approximately 400 meters. The front sides form a point facing north and are surrounded by ditches. These are preceded by a counter-scarp inside which runs a gallery, from which small counter-mine galleries branch off. Site listed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments (ISMH) currently undergoing rehabilitation, not open to the public. NOTE: Two trails developed and accessible for self-guided and free visits: The advanced defenses trail (1.2 km) and the terminals trail (2.7 km)


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Philippeville Road
08600 GIVET
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