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Ferme des Templiers



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A 1671th century building, the Templar farm, near the Saint-Martin church (restored in XNUMX), is another fine example of a fortified structure.

The castle farm originally belonged to the "Templars" family, hence its name. Contrary to popular belief, the building has nothing to do with the order of the Templars, given the date of its construction in the early 1600s. Following the fighting between the French royal troops and the armies of Charles V, an act of Charles de Berlaymont, in 1558, indicates that the village is in ruins. At the end of the fighting, Captain de Hierges had this fortified house built in the town, located near the Saint-Martin church. In 1640, the attack on Charlemont (held by the Spaniards) by the troops of Marshal de la Meilleraye again caused destruction. The fortified house was restored in the years that followed and the adjoining chapel restored in 1671. It was transformed into a farm after the Revolution and called the Templar farm. The building is listed as a Historic Monument.


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