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This slate stele reminds us of the passage of the writer who was charmed by Revin's landscapes, so much so that she was inspired by them to write her novel "Despite-Everything".
Built with the help of the Municipality and the Society of Writers of the Ardennes, the stele was inaugurated on May 31, 1953, in the presence of André Maurois, Academician and biographer of George Sand.

This stele is located on the "grass", a meadow on the edge of the forest which clings to the slopes of the Despite-All. The Despite-All being the place where the action of George Sand's book takes place for the most part. I go to bed at one o'clock; I get up at six; it doesn't matter, I'm feeling like a charm. The weather threatens and clears. We left by train, we stopped at Deville; we took a boat and we go down the Meuse, clear and fast to Laifour where we order lunch in a bouty micaschist house whose appearance does not appeal to Toto. The boat takes us down again to the Dames de Meuse, where we approach to walk a little What a pretty place! It's one of my paradises. We return by boat to the micaschist house, which is very clean and where we have a very good lunch. Fresh fish, game, exquisite butter. Spelled bread, very good. We cross the Meuse again by boat, to pick up the convoy opposite.because of his position. We are going to sleep at Givet.Tuesday, September 20, 1869: Yesterday evening, after having crossed the delicious resorts of Revin and Fumay through the rain, we find at Givet the best of our lodgings and by no means expensive: Hôtel du Mondor. Remember. I sleep there quickly and well. Toto is sick in the night; her mother isn't sleeping and they can't go on..." Free visit

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