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Tour Grégoire


Mont d'Haurs
08600 GIVET

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This former watchtower would have been erected in the 4th century. The Grégoire tower offers a magnificent panorama over the town of Givet. It is accessible by taking the Mont d'Haurs hiking trail, a XNUMX km marked trail.

1st right after crossing the American Bridge, then 2nd left.Monument not open to the public inside.From there... panorama of the town of Givet (left bank and right bank). A bit of history... The so-called "Grégoire" Tower, which should be given its former name of "Saint Grégoire" from the name of the chapel which was located nearby, and undoubtedly one of the oldest constructions in Givet. Already in the XNUMXth century, and probably on the site of a much older military post, it monitored the river to ensure the collection of tolls for the counts of Agimont. It was subsequently greatly altered, no doubt in the XNUMXth or XNUMXth century, and heavily restored under Napoleon III. It nevertheless keeps, for the lower floors, its primitive form. Text extracted from the book by Mr Alain Sartelet "Givet and its region through the centuries"


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