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The village of Chooz, which you will have to pronounce "chô", has become famous thanks to the history of French nuclear power, since it was in the 60s that the French and Belgians set up the largest experimental nuclear power plant in Europe there. . In this 2st century, nuclear power is still an integral part of Chooz's history with the commissioning of the Nuclear Electricity Production Center (Chooz B - 1450 production units of XNUMX MW each).

But Chooz, it's not only nuclear... it's also a whole heritage to discover. How not to be charmed by the village square and the Saint-Rémi church where you will notice, housed in a niche just above the entrance, the blue stone statue of Saint. Chooz is also art: The statue "Le Feu" by Paul Rebeyrolle. Monumental work in bronze and cast aluminum which, from its height of 6 meters, seems to watch over the Calcean landscape, like a totem. But also, 3 statues of Charles Gadenne, which, in the heart of the village, invite you to contemplation. Chooz of yesteryear, Chooz of today, the image of this charming village can only remain engraved in you.


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