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The village of Fépin is located between Meuse and forest. Here, everything seems peaceful... the washhouse of yesteryear, located at the entrance to the town, reminds us of the washerwomen who used to meet there. But Fépin is not just about that...

The small church of Notre-Dame in the village and its furnishings are worthy of interest, notably with polychrome wooden statues dating from the first half of the 1th century. The oldest work on the premises is a panel painted on wood from the XNUMXth century. representing the Nativity. Please note: The church is open to the public only during religious services. Origin of the name Fépin: This name derives from the name of the father of Charlemagne, Pépin the short, who went along the Meuse from Liège to reach Soissons, stopped there and decided to honor the village with his illustrious name.

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