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Village de Foisches



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What about the charming little village of Foisches, rich in an unsuspected heritage: the Saint-Martin church and the Renaissance-style Templar farm that you will discover will amaze you.

Foisches is also a small rural town. Here there are 6 farms still in operation... this is a record for La Pointe! In Foisches there was also a marble quarry in the past. A pink marble stele has also been placed in the cemetery, reminding us that Foisches was once a mining country. A bit of history: Foisches is an appellation of Gallic origin. Foisches would come from Colonia Faustina (Colony of Faustin). If we go back to the 16th century, you should know that the village of Foisches at that time suffered from its proximity to Givet and the fort of Charlemont. The village was ransacked between 1554 and 1558 following battles between the French royal troops and the armies of Charles V. At the end of the fighting, Captain de Hierges had a fortified house built in the town, placed near the Saint-Martin church. In 1640, the attack on Charlemont (held by the Spaniards) by the troops of Marshal de la Meilleraye again caused destruction. The fortified house was restored in the years that followed and the adjoining chapel restored in 1671. It was transformed into a farm after the Revolution and called Ferme des Templiers. No reference whatsoever to the Order of the Templars, just a surname. The village will be ceded, by treaty of March 24, 1772, to the Kingdom of France.

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