Monuments and Cultural Heritage

Village de Ham-sur-Meuse

Peaceful village, as if placed in the heart of one of the many loops of the Meuse, Ham-sur-Meuse is a town full of charm.
Although recent (1997), the bridge that leads us there takes us into picturesque alleys where, randomly on a path, the Saint-Lambert church appears to us. Dating from the 2th century, it houses an altarpiece made up of three painted oak compartments 2m high by 10m565 wide (Triptych "Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection", listed in the register of furniture objects classified as historical monuments). Away, but listed on the municipal territory of Ham-sur-Meuse, the Ham-sur-Meuse tunnel is a unique attraction in the North of France. Borrowed by yachtsmen, this tunnel, 6.50 meters long and 8 meters wide, quite simply makes it possible to avoid the loop that the Meuse forms around the town of Chooz which is not navigable and which is XNUMX km long. Quite a shortcut!
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