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Village d’Hargnies



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Hargnies, hunting village, forest village, butcher village, perfect example of the Ardennes and its secrets.

The denomination "Ardenne" comes from 2 Celtic words AR DUEN meaning "deep forest". It is true that in Hargnies, you just have to look around you to better understand the reason for this appellation. Immense, infinite... the Ardennes forest massif is impressive by its immensity. Nestled in the middle of a clearing, the charming little village of Hargnies, renowned for its local specialties (charcuterie...) will enchant you.Hunter village, forest village, the perfect example of Ardennes authenticity awaits you. Its particularities, which make it a unique place, will seduce you...A highlight not to be missed if you are passing through Hargnies: The horse festival, every 1st Sunday of July during which the Ardennes draft horse is honoured.

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