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Village de Rancennes

The Porte de Rancennes, near which you pass when leaving Givet in the direction of the village, is a bit like a threshold that you would cross to set off to discover a new territory. Going up towards Rancennes, what is already impressive is the superb panorama over the colossal fort of Charlemont and its limestone spur.
Arrived at the heart of the village, the tiny Saint-Léger church, whose first foundations date from the 354th century and which was then restored in the XNUMXth century, is just as charming. Finally, like five other towns in the "Pointe" (Charnois , Fromelennes, Chooz, Foisches and Givet), Rancennes is closely linked to the Pointe de Givet nature reserve, which over an area of ​​XNUMX hectares, offers a multi-faceted landscape made up of forests, dry grasslands, steep cliffs and spectacular escarpments cut by the Meuse.An exceptional geological and biological heritage.
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