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Village de Vireux-Molhain



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Vireux-Molhain stretches all along the Meuse river as well as in the Viroin valley where we discover the Collegiate Church of St-Ermel. Founded in 752, the relics of the Saint were kept there until 1763. In addition to the Romanesque crypt, this building conceals treasures including a remarkable "Entombment" in polychrome wood from the XNUMXth century and medieval tombstones.

Vireux-Molhain is also a very rich geological heritage, in particular with the "Mur des Douaniers", one of the most beautiful trilobite sites in the Ardennes. An exceptional fossiliferous deposit from the primary era was found there. On Mount Vireux, archaeological excavations have uncovered an ancient Roman camp. Medieval remains of the imposing fortification built on the foundations of the camp in the Middle Ages are still visible... From the heights of Mont Vireux there is also a superb view of the Viroquois and the Meuse valley.

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