Let's go together today to discover the old center of the town of Givet, follow me, let's go!

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Here I am again, Priscillia, always present to talk to you, in short, about some of the essentials of our territory. Today, let's talk a bit about the historic center of Givet. If you are still looking for ideas for visits or discoveries, follow me and let's discover together some interesting points on the old center de Givet, but also on the Right Bank, let's go!

General presentation of the old center

The town of Givet is separated into 2 parts, on one side you have Givet left bank (Saint-Hilaire) and on the other side Givet right bank (Notre-Dame). About the old center and therefore which is the part that interests us the most today, the one that is mentioned during the guided tour, so we will rather talk about Givet Saint-Hilaire (left bank).

The citadel of Charlemont

The citadel of Charlemont

So Givet and his old center are elements that are part of the visit to the town of Givet. To tell you more, key figures have also passed through here, such as Vauban, who allowed the creation of this fortified city in order to protect it from external attacks. He also enlarged the citadel of Charlemont during the XNUMXth century.

Le old center de Givet is also a place where you can find many other works by Vauban...

The presence of Etienne Nicolas Méhul

In addition to Vauban's architecture and the famous character himself, Givet and his old center contains the story of Etienne Nicolas Méhul. He is a young prodigy born in 1763, in Givet. He was gifted for music and during his presence on the territory, he wrote the famous "song of departure". Moreover, the city, to pay homage to him, made a statue in his honor on the Méhul square, and a street also bears his name in the old center of Givet.

At the age of 15, this young prodigy traveled to Paris in order to make a career there. He is buried in the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. A street in Paris in the second arrondissement also bears his name.

But, what is there on the other side, besides the old center?

Although the Right Bank (Notre-Dame) is not part of our discovery of the old center de Givet, I would like to draw your attention to a few points that I believe are important to address.

Mont d'Haurs

This mountain located on the right bank of Givet, was once occupied by Napoleon's armies as well as by German soldiers during the First World War. Today, it is the Pointe de Givet nature reserve since 1999 and it covers 354 hectares.

Mont d'Haurs

Fort Conde

Although he too is eccentric old center of the town of Givet, it is an integral part of its history. Thus, built in 1720, it constituted an advanced defense of the citadel of Charlemont, on the east side.

Two walking paths result from it, that of the advanced defense paths and the terminal path.

If you like hiking, do not hesitate to go there!

Well I hope the summary of the history of the old center de Givet will please you, as well as its right bank, as for me, I will see you very soon in another article on our blog!

See you soon !

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