With its 232 kilometers of marked hiking trails, the Val d'Ardenne is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. Why not take advantage of a sunny day to discover the marvelous landscapes that the Meuse valley has to offer? Between nature and heritage, let's discover the Mount Despite Everything in Revin. You know?

The ride of Mont Despite-All

A remarkable walk in the heart of the Meuse valley which provides access to the most beautiful view of Revin.
Revin is an important town at the tip of the Ardennes. The city is separated in two because the Meuse makes two loops there. Discovering Revin is confusing as its geographical location is complex. Installed on a double meander of the Meuse and surrounded by the mountains of the Ardennes massif, the city does not allow itself to be grasped at first sight. Opposite, Mount Despite everything, dear to George Sand, offers a splendid view of the city.

Starting point: Revin Mountain Bike Relay

  1. Follow the quays in the direction of the Spanish House. Pass in front of the FHYM power station, cross the canal footbridge and pass above the lock tunnel. Follow the Trans-Ardennes Greenway towards Fumay.
  2. After the Moulin de Revin, 200 meters to the right, follow the Chemin des Chasseurs which climbs steadily through the forest (from 134m to 364m over 4 km). To see: a boar sculpted in the rock, a stele commemorating the death of a hunter, a conglomerate witnessing the old course of the Meuse. Then follow a path that leads to a small artificial pond (Fontaine de Mondreux)
  3. Take the path to the right for 200 meters, then the forest road to the left towards the Ferme auberge du Despite-Tout. After 200 meters, leave the paved road and take the forest road on the left which leads to an old inn on the edge of the Hauts Buttés road. (Altitude 440m)
  4. Cross the road, and pass on a path in front of a farm. Go straight, cross a barrier and continue to a flat area. Carefully follow the markings (red dots). Take a path to the right that follows the ridges of the Despite-All. To see: a panoramic view of Anchamps and the Dames de Meuse, on the left.
  5. The trail begins to descend. At the Mintch rock (Mensch), altitude 377 metres, magnificent view of Revin, followed by another 400 meters away, at the Relais de Télévision.
  6. Take the forest road which serves the relay and reach the Hauts Buttés road which can be descended by laces. Or continue the path which becomes steep and take paths which cut the laces (sometimes difficult course). Don't miss the La Faligeotte viewpoint, by the side of the road, and the Monument du Maquis des Manises, a little further down.
  7. Before the last bend, take a path on the left to pass near the stele dedicated to Georges Sand and arrive at the entrance to Revin.

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