Immerse yourself once again in the heart of the history of the town of Givet with Fort Condé.

Having a defensive role, this fort is built around a rock which was originally surmounted by a watchtower: the Maugis tower, later called the Villahermosa tower. It was destroyed by Vauban after the attachment of Givet to France in 1678.
This fort is located about 500 meters from the Citadel of Charlemont, this fort had the heavy task of ensuring the advanced defense of it
East side, and to ensure the defense of the fort of Rome, west side.

In addition, if you go to Fort Condé, you can take one of the 2 paths on the site, freely: the advanced defenses path (1.2 kilometers) and the boundary stones path (2.7 kilometers).
Fort Condé is listed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments,


Philippeville Road
08600 GIVET
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Fort Condé is accessible free of charge all year round

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