Looking for a change of scenery and authenticity? Charnois, a small village in the heart of the Val d'Ardennes, is the ideal destination for lovers of nature, history and tranquility. Surrounded by meadows and vast forests, Charnois lends itself to bucolic walks and exotic stays.

A short toponymic history of Charnois

The name Charnois would find its origin in the Gallic cassanos, meaning “oak”. Over the centuries, it evolved to become Carnetum, Charnoir, Charnois, Charmois or even Charnoy, which would refer to a place full of charm.

A legacy from ancient times

The history of the small village of Charnois is written over the centuries, in the eventful past of this region located at the crossroads of 3 countries. Formerly, Charnois was part of the possessions of the House of the Counts of Chiny and the lordship of Agimont. In 1070, Count Arnould II offered the village and part of the toll from the Givet and Linay bridge to the abbey of Saint-Hubert. During this period, the village was under the authority of the bishops of Liège and it was not until 1801 that it was attached to France on a spiritual level. Ancient Charnois, and its region dotted with vestiges of the past, will appeal to lovers of history and heritage.

Historical and cultural heritage

Charnois is a village full of contrasts, where every street corner tells a story. The Saint-Rémi de Charnois church, rebuilt in 1750, is one of the attractions of the village. This place of worship, with its remarkable architecture, is a silent witness to past centuries. Not far from there, the Saint-Quirin fountain, built in 1864, evokes the legend of the Roman officer converted to Christianity whose waters had, according to tradition, therapeutic virtues. It was restored with the famous blue stone of Givet, thanks to Charnoisian patrons. At the exit of the village, the war memorial near the cemetery displays a plaque commemorating Joseph Pire (1914) and Lucien Pire (1940), as well as a tomb dedicated to Léon Braibant (1917).

At a place called La Malavisée, discover an old flour mill. The complex of buildings, including the mill itself, the miller's quarters and a barn, offer visitors a fascinating insight into the way of life of yesteryear and local traditions. 

THETourist office near Charnois invites you to discover these emblematic sites which reveal the richness of the local heritage.

Enjoy the natural setting of Charnois

Located in a natural setting, Landrichamps is the ideal base for a getaway or a weekend surrounded by nature.

A preserved nature

The small village of Charnois is lucky to be located in the heart of a national nature reserve. A true treasure of biodiversity, the Pointe de Givet nature reserve is home to 454 plant species and 320 animal species. The varied landscapes, mixing forests, moors, dry grasslands and rocky escarpments, and the abundance of fauna and flora make it an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Outdoor activities and leisure

The Val d'Ardennes is full of sporting and leisure activities to share with the family. Hikes in the forest, bike rides on the Trans-Ardennes greenway, cruises on the Meuse, adventure park: a multitude of outdoor activities await you to enjoy the natural beauties of the Val d'Ardenne.

Find personalized advice and information for your stay at the Tourist Office located near Charnois : Charnois tourist guides and maps available. 

Restaurants and cafes

Here is a selection of places to eat and drink in the Charnois area:

  • La Friterie Calcéenne: chip shop in a small chalet – Rue du Petit Chooz – €5-10 per person – closed on Mondays.
  • Taverne de la Presqu’île de Chooz: tavern with market and local products – 25 rue Vienot.
  • Pizzeria Matizo: pizzas cooked over a wood fire and terrace in summer – 30 rue des Écoles in Fromelennes – €10-30 per person. 
  • La cuisine du 19: traditional cuisine in a warm atmosphere – 19 rue Gambetta in Givet – €40-50 per person – Closed Monday and Tuesday.
  • Brasserie Giv & Mouettes: French and Ardennes cuisine – 2 Quai des Fours in Givet – €20-30 per person.

Staying in Charnois

A selection of hotels, guest rooms, lodges and campsites for all budgets:

  • Gîte la Juvière – 2 rue du Poteau in Rancennes – from €140 per night (for 6 people).
  • Château de l’Aviette – Chem. from Aviette to Rancennes – from €100 per night.
  • Hotel Le Roosevelt – 14 quai des Remparts in Givet – from €90 per night.
  • Bed and breakfast le Soleil Couchant – 26 chemin St Roch in Givet – from €85 per night.
  • Camping La Clé des Champs – 49 rue des Grands Jardins in Rancennes.

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