Anchamps is located in the heart of a grandiose site, formed by a loop of the Meuse and surrounded by green hills. It is an ideal destination for an exotic stay surrounded by nature. 

Welcome to Anchamps

Nestled in the heart of the Ardennes, the charming village of Anchamps invites you to a refreshing and bucolic stay surrounded by nature. Far from the hustle and bustle of big cities, Anchamps offers an ideal setting to take the time to breathe and reconnect with yourself and the surrounding nature. 

For nature lovers, history buffs or simply looking for a peaceful getaway, Anchamps has something to satisfy all desires. To help you plan your stay, go toTourist office near Anchamps, who will be able to provide you with all the necessary information.

The history of the village

The history of the Ardennes, and that of Anchamps, is rich and abundant. Over the centuries, the region has seen many civilizations, notably the Celts and the Romans, some vestiges of which are still visible today in the region.

The Middle Ages marked a period of significant development for the Ardennes villages, including that of Anchamps. Dense forests and fish-rich rivers provided vital resources for residents, while castles and churches attest to the region's strategic and spiritual importance.

The Saint-Pierre d'Anchamps church, built in 1766, is a perfect example of the religious heritage of the Ardennes. With its typical architecture in local stones and its history, it is an essential visit for heritage lovers.

The Roland stone

The Ardennes are lands of legends, and the Roland stone is the perfect example. This mysterious megalith, which stands proudly on the bank towards Laifour, is surrounded by mysteries. It is said that Roland, the very Christian knight, nephew of Charlemagne, passed through the Ardennes to fight the Saxons further north. On the way, he was ambushed by the devil who threw a huge rock at him. Roland, having seen the danger coming, drew his sword Durandal and split the rock in two! Part of it fell at his feet, while the other fell back into the Meuse... 

A walk at Pierre Roland not only allows you to discover local legends but also to enjoy a walk in an exceptional natural setting on the banks of the Meuse.

The Meuse valley and its activities

The Meuse, which borders Anchamps, offers a multitude of activities for lovers of nature and outdoor leisure. Whether you want to canoe, fish or simply take a stroll on the peaceful banks, the Meuse is a haven of peace and relaxation for the whole family.

Nautical activities 

Take advantage of the many water activities on the Meuse: canoeing, river cruises, pedal boats... Along the water, you may have the chance to observe the different species of birds that inhabit the river, such as the gray heron, the kingfisher or the shag. 

Fly over the Meuse

For those who love thrills and want to discover the Meuse valley from the air, two activities are available to you:

  • Paragliding flight from the Revin Fallières takeoff site. 
  • Giant 1,2 km zip line to fly over the Meuse. Meet at the TerrAltitude adventure park (about 13 km from Anchamps). Many other activities can be discovered in an exceptional setting: tree climbing, bungee jumping, paintball, etc. 

Do you know the legend of the Ladies of Meuse?

In the Meuse valley, it is customary to say that under every stone there is a legend. For centuries, nature has been whispering wonderful stories to human ears. One of them tells that three sisters, Hodierne, Berthe and Ige, the three most beautiful daughters of the Count of Rethel, married the three sons of the Lord. Unfortunately, soon after, the three brothers met a tragic fate during the First Crusade. The day came when Godfrey of Bouillon and his followers captured Jerusalem, and the three sisters betrayed their late husbands with three knights of Hierges. The Lord, without pity, transformed the three adulterers into three rocks, which now watch over the inhabitants and the travelers... 

The Ardennes regional natural park

The Ardennes regional natural park, of which Anchamps is a part, is a true paradise for nature lovers. With its lush forests, deep valleys and varied wildlife, the park offers more than 1 km of marked hiking trails and 000 km of FFC-certified mountain bike trails. Don't miss a visit to this natural gem for a total immersion in the wild beauty of the Val d'Ardenne.

The Tourist Office near Anchamps

To best prepare your visit to Anchamps and the surrounding area, theTourist office near Anchamps is a valuable resource. Located nearby, it offers a wide range of services for tourists: accommodation information, itinerary suggestions, activity reservations and much more. By visiting theTourist office near Anchamps, you will be able to obtain personalized advice, brochures and tourist guides on Anchamps and its region.

The Val d'Ardenne Tourist Office is also the ideal place to learn more about the local festivities and markets that bring the villages to life throughout the year. 

Where to eat in Anchamps?

Here are the good addresses in the Anchamps area: 

  • La table du pays: French and Ardennes cuisine – 3 rte de Revin in Laifour – €20-30 per person.
  • Le Relais du C'Routard: family brasserie in a friendly setting – 6 place de la République in Revin – €20-30 per person.
  • La Ferme Auberge du Tandis-Tout: the chef invites you to taste his traditional semi-gastronomic cuisine in an authentic setting – Route du Tandis-Tout – €30-40 per person.

Where to sleep in Anchamps?

Here are the tourist accommodations where you can spend the night in the Anchamps area:

  • The Hôtel Entre Meuse et Forêt – 71 avenue du Général de Gaulle in Revin – from €65 per night.
  • Bed and breakfast Le Point du Jour – 13 av. Danton in Revin – from €85 per night.
  • Camping Les Bateaux – quai Edgar Quinet – mobile homes for rent.

Find all the accommodation in the region atTourist office near Anchamps, located in Révin, and consult our tourist guides on Anchamps.

How to get to Anchamps?

By car: Anchamps is accessible by car by road and motorway (A34 via Reims, E42 / E19 / E44 via Lille and E411 / E19 via Brussels).

By train: the Anchamps SNCF station is served by the TER Grand Est line. You can take a train from many towns in the region, including Charleville-Mézières, connected to Paris by TGV.

By plane: the closest airport is Charleroi Brussels-South in Belgium.

By bike / on foot / on horseback: the Trans-Ardennes Greenway (EuroVélo 19) crosses the town.

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