Nestled in a loop of the Meuse, Chooz is a destination that appeals to lovers of nature, history and tranquility. With its picturesque landscapes and peaceful atmosphere, Chooz is the promise of an authentic and rejuvenating stay.

Welcome to Chooz

Welcome to Chooz (pronounced “chô”)! The small cobbled streets and well-preserved stone houses transport you into the authentic atmosphere of an Ardennes village bordered by the Meuse.

The unique geography of Chooz 

Chooz is nestled in a winding loop of the Meuse, in the heart of Val d'Ardenne. This geographical location along the river gives it an exceptional natural setting, with quiet banks conducive to biodiversity. The surrounding 760 hectares of forests provide ideal habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species. 

The relief, marked by gentle hills and wooded valleys, creates a landscape typical of Bulge French, ideal for nature lovers looking for tranquility and natural discoveries.

Tourism in Chooz: activities and leisure

The tourist office near Chooz invites you to discover this preserved natural setting, sheltering a preserved and authentic environment. Nature lovers, hikers, mountain bikers, adventurers or sports enthusiasts, on vacation with friends or family, the village of Chooz is the ideal base to enjoy a wide choice of activities and leisure activities in outdoors.

chooz tourist office, Saint Rémi church
The Saint Rémi de Chooz church

Hiking in the surrounding area

Here are some ideas for bike or walking tours to explore the natural beauty of Chooz and its surroundings:

  • The Trans-Ardennes Greenway: this fully marked and secure towpath crosses the picturesque landscapes of Val d'Ardenne. 130 kilometers of trails to explore on foot, by bike or on horseback and accessible to the whole family.
  • Les Roches de Devant and its viewpoint: after crossing the bridge towards Petit Chooz, turn left and go down to the first house. A sign directs you to a “Le banc” viewpoint. Up there, admire the exceptional view of Chooz, the nuclear power plant and the Meuse valley. Continue the walk along the banks towards the north.
  • From Chooz to Landrichamps: this lovely 9 km walk in the Ardennes Regional Natural Park takes you into the heart of the forest to Landrichamps.

Find topo-guides for mountain bike circuits and hiking trails at the Tourist Office near Chooz, as well as in The online store.

Nature observation

Grab your binoculars, camera and an identification guide! Chooz and its surroundings are full of places to observe the local fauna and flora:

  • The banks of the Meuse: Walk along the banks of the Meuse, you will be able to observe various aquatic birds, such as the heron, the mallard duck, the cormorant or the swan... The sound of whose wings can be heard up to two kilometers!
  • The Chooz forest: Explore the trails of the municipal forest, which is home to a diversity of plant and animal species. Look for tracks of deer, wild boar or foxes, and observe the different species of trees, notably beeches and oaks.
  • The Pointe de Givet nature reserve: this nature reserve offers a multifaceted landscape, composed of forests, moors, dry grasslands as well as spectacular rocky escarpments. This variety of natural environments offers an ideal habitat for 320 animal species and 454 plant species. 

Tourist guides on Chooz and brochures available on at the Tourist Office near Chooz.

chooz tourist office, the village fountain
The fountain in the village of Chooz

Water activities on the Meuse

The peaceful banks of the Meuse invite relaxation and water activities to discover the tip of the Ardennes from a unique point of view, that of the river. 

The Charlemagne Cruises take you aboard their boat from April to October, to help you discover the magnificent Meuse valley. 

In Givet, small electric boats without a license Captain of oh sweet promise to spend a pleasant moment of relaxation along the water, in an original and fun way.

Le Pointe des Ardennes Rowing Club offers an introduction to rowing during beautiful outings between the Presqu'Île de Chooz, and on the other the small Chapelle de Givet.

find tourist guides on Chooz and water activities at the Tourist Office.

The Nature Festival in Chooz

Every year, in May, the Nature Festival allows all audiences to celebrate nature with free events. The village of Chooz participates, through fun and educational activities. On the program: walks, creative workshops, gourmet outdoor picnics, etc. Find all the programming on the site

Gastronomy and local products 

During your stay, don't miss out on tasting the culinary specialties of Bulge. Ardennes cuisine is anchored in a tradition of hearty and generous dishes, originally designed to fill the stomachs of farmers and blacksmiths.

Among the flagship products, Ardennes ham occupies a place of honor. It goes well with a bacon salad or other cold meats (terrines, blood sausages, etc.). The main dishes are marked by game (wild boar and deer), which the Ardennes forests abound. Bayenne, a specialty of the Ardennes, combines layers of potatoes and onions, and the famous “cacasse à cul nu”, an emblematic dish, was simmered for a long time in the kitchens of Ardennes grandmothers. To end the meal with a sweet touch, try the galette à suc', the soft cake or the carolo.

As an accompaniment, you will find many craft beers, produced in local breweries (drink in moderation).

Le Val d'Ardenne is full of good restaurants and inns where you can taste regional cuisine and enjoy the friendliness of your hosts! 

Plan your visit with the Tourist Office near Chooz

Preparing your trip well is essential to fully enjoy your stay. These few addresses will help you explore Chooz with complete peace of mind.

To obtain tourist information, the Tourist Office near Chooz invites you to contact the following reception points:

  • Givet tourist office – 10 Quai des Fours, 08600 Givet.
  • Tourist office in Vireux-Wallerand – Rue du Château, 08320 Vireux-Wallerand.

You will find maps, brochures and tourist guides on Chooz and its region.

How to get to Chooz?

By car: Chooz is accessible by car by road and motorway (A34 via Reims, E42 / E19 / E44 via Lille and E411 / E19 via Brussels).

By train: the Aubrives SNCF station (5 km from Chooz) is served by the TER Grand Est line. You can take a train from many towns in the region, including Charleville-Mézières, connected to Paris by TGV.

By plane: the closest airport is Charleroi Brussels-South in Belgium.

By bike/on foot: the Trans-Ardennes Greenway (EuroVélo 19) crosses the town.

Accommodation: Where to stay?

Here are the good places to spend the night in Chooz:

  • Hôtel de la Presqu’île de Chooz – 25 rue Vienot – from €50 per night.
  • Auberge de la Voûte – Place called the 3 fountains – from €55 per night.
  • Gîte au Petit Chooz – 19 rue du Petit Chooz – from €170 per night (for 8 people).
  • Gîtes and guest rooms Domaine de la Brasserie – Rue du Tony.

Find all the accommodation available in the tourist guides on Chooz at the Tourist Office.

Where to eat in Chooz?

Here is a selection of places to eat in Chooz:

  • Auberge de la Voûte: traditional and tasty cuisine – Lieu known as the 3 fountains – €30-40 per person.
  • Taverne de la Presqu’île de Chooz: tavern with market and local products – 25 rue Vienot.
  • Boulangerie Aux Saveurs Calcéennes: sandwiches, quiches and pastries – 18 seats. from the church – closed on Sunday.
  • La Friterie Calcéenne: chip shop in a small chalet – Rue du Petit Chooz – €5-10 per person – closed on Mondays.

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