Located at the gates of Belgium, Fépin is lulled by the calm waters of the Meuse. This rural village has a lovely heritage and offers the prospect of beautiful walks in the countryside. During your visit, don't miss a trip to the heights of Fépin to enjoy the view of the Meuse valley. 

Welcome to Fépin

Following the meanders of the Meuse, Fépin is a charming village dotted with stone buildings typical of the region. In the village, the Notre-Dame church with its curious slate-topped bell tower is worth a look. The old wash house, located at the entrance to the town, reminds visitors of the washerwomen of yesteryear. In this pretty village in the Ardennes, time seems to stand still and the streets have preserved the charm and authenticity of ancient times.

The historical legacy of Fépin

If you love history, then you will be enchanted by your stay in Fépin. It is the ideal starting point for discovering the medieval towns and villages of the Ardennes.

Fépin is located in the heart of the Val d'Ardenne, a territory marked by history over the centuries. Located at the crossroads of three countries, the region has always been permeable and open to trade and invasions. Its strategic interest, established by the Meuse river route, made it one of the most important regions of the Middle Ages. This is evidenced by the numerous vestiges of the past which dot the Ardennes landscape: fortified villages, citadels and castles which reveal the richness of the historical heritage of the Val d'Ardennes.

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Essential outdoor activities

Nestled between the banks of the Meuse and the wooded hills, the village of Fépin offers the prospect of rejuvenating activities in the great outdoors. A paradise for fishermen, hikers and cyclists, explore the region without further delay.

Hikes around Fépin

  • La Roche à Fépin via Haybes: Departing from Haybes, this hike takes you to the Roche à Fépin (also known as the Roche d'Hérée), from where you will have a very beautiful view of the Meuse and the village of Fépin. 
  • From the peaceful banks of the Meuse, to the captivating forests of the Ardennes, via wooded paths: as you wish, explore the many marked trails in the surroundings of Fépin.

Find all the topo-guides for hiking trails at the Tourist Office near Fépin.

Water activities on the Meuse

Navigate along the loops of the Meuse and discover the region from a unique point of view: that of the river. To the rhythm of the locks, let yourself be lulled by the flow of the water. 

  • The Croisières Charlemagne boat invites you to explore the superb Meuse valley, from April to October. More information on cruises-charlemagne.com or toTourist office near Fépin
  • Captain d'Ô Douce takes you aboard its electric boats without a license to enjoy a pleasant getaway on the water. 1 Place de la Tour 08600 Givet. 

The Trans-Ardennes Greenway 

By bike, by rosalie, on foot or on horseback, this Greenway allows you to discover the natural treasures of the Ardennes, without leaving the water! The 130 kilometers of trails are built on the old towpath, which makes the Voie verte accessible to everyone, particularly families. Equipment and stops for cycle tourists have been provided throughout the circuit. 

Want a dose of adventure? 

Notice to thrill-seekers: don't miss the TerrAltitude adventure park (6 km from Fépin). There are many activities to discover in an exceptional setting: tree climbing, giant 1,2 km zip line, bungee jumping, paintball... 

Find all the activities in the Val d'Ardenne region atTourist office near Fépin, as well as brochures and tourist guides on Fépin and its region.

Discover the surroundings of Fépin: historical sites and heritage

A day of discovery around Fépin will allow you to explore the historical and natural riches of the surrounding villages. Whether you are a history buff, nature lover or simply looking for new discoveries, this excursion will amaze you.

“Haybes la Jolie”, located just 3 kilometers from Fépin, is an enchanting village, perfect for a stroll along the Meuse. Explore its houses adorned with typical roofs and discover the history of the reconstruction of the village after the First World War. Haybes offers an ideal bucolic setting for an immersion in Val d'Ardenne.

To continue the visit, head to Fumay a few kilometers to the south. This village, once famous for its slate quarries, offers a fascinating insight into the industrial history of the region. Stroll through its picturesque streets and visit the Saint-Georges church. Don't miss the Slate Museum to discover Fumay's mining heritage. 

To end your visit, go to Vireux-Molhain, about 8 kilometers north of Fépin. This village is an archaeological treasure with its Gallo-Roman site, where you can admire the remains of an ancient fortress. Visit the Saint-Ermel church, a remarkable building dating from the XNUMXth century. For hiking enthusiasts, the surrounding trails offer spectacular views of the Meuse valley, perfect for a final walk before returning to Fépin.

Where to eat and have a drink in Fépin

Here is a selection of places to eat around Fépin:

  • Brasserie Ardennaise de Haybes: local beers and aperitif boards in a magnificent building – 2 Quai du Dr. A.Hamai – €5-20 per person.
  • Le Robinson: homemade dishes using fresh, seasonal produce – 75 rue Madame de Cormont in Haybes – €15-20 per person.
  • Le Saint Hubert: generous and gourmet dishes and regional specialties – 47 rue André Cunin in Haybes – €30-40 per person.
  • Chez Corine et Fernando: chip shop on the banks of the Meuse – Place du Vivier in Haybes – €5-10 per person.

Where to stay in Fépin

Selection of accommodation near Fépin for all budgets: 

  • Hotel Le Saint Hubert – 47 rue André Cunin in Haybes – from €65 per night.
  • 3* Hotel Ermitage du Moulin Labotte – 52 rue Edmond Dromart in Haybes – from €70 per night.
  • Bed and breakfast Le Clos Joli – 7 rue du 24August in Haybes – from €95 per night. 
  • Municipal campsite on the banks of the Meuse – 21 rue du 24August in Haybes – from €3 per night for a tent.

How to get to Fépin 

By car: Fépin is accessible by car by road and motorway (A34 via Reims, E42 / E19 / E44 via Lille and E411 / E19 via Brussels).

By train: the Fépin SNCF station is served by a TER Grand Est line. You can take a train from many towns in the region, including Charleville-Mézières, connected to Paris by TGV.

By bike, on foot, on horseback: the Trans-Ardennes Greenway (EuroVélo 19) crosses the town of Fépin.

By plane: the closest airport is Charleroi Brussels-South in Belgium.

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