Located a few steps from the Belgian border, the village of Fromelennes is the promise of an authentic journey to the heart of the Val d'Ardenne. Known for the Nichet cave, a geological wonder of the Ardennes, Fromelennes is also the ideal base for discovering the wild nature of the Ardennes, a true sanctuary of natural riches.

Fromelennes: between nature and heritage 

At the confluence of the Meuse and Houille valleys, Fromelennes perfectly combines preserved nature and industrial heritage. The famous Nichet cave attracts visitors, while the historic metallurgical activity, with its forges and foundries, has contributed to the identity of this charming village.

A village steeped in history

Over the centuries, Fromelennes has managed to keep its identity and the memory of its rich past.

Attached to France by the Treaty of Nijmegen in 1678, it was necessary to wait for the Treaty of Courtai a few years later to truly establish the border between France and the Netherlands. It was only in 1825, by royal order, that the boundaries of the communes of Fromelennes and Givet were definitively drawn.

Crossed by the Houille, famous for the valley which saw the birth of the copper industry, Fromelennes developed and prospered at the very beginning of the 19th century during its industrial boom. At this time, the village experienced a demographic jump, and forges and foundries made it a dynamic and flourishing town.

The Church of Saint-Laurent  

The Saint-Laurent church, in its current form, dates from the 1862th century, with enlargement work carried out between 1866 and XNUMX, including the addition of a nave and a transept, while retaining the sanctuary and the original sacristy. Older elements remain, notably the altar from Félixpré Abbey and the woodwork of the choir, where we can still see traces of the old south door of the church.

The existence of a church in Fromelennes goes back much further, with a first mention of a chapel dating from before 1655, as evidenced by the archives of Saint-Hubert and the historical representations in an album of the De Croy family .

The tradition of chimes 

In Fromelennes, as in many towns and villages in the North of France and Belgium, there is a tradition of carillons. These musical instruments are made up of bells tuned together and installed in towers or belfries.

The Fromelennes carillon has been an integral part of local culture, apparently since the Middle Ages. Located on the roof of the town hall, it has 7 tuned bells allowing small melodies to be played in major mode. The 7th bell, located in the center of the bell tower, whose note is a “b” and weighing no less than 35 kg, rings every hour from 8 a.m. to 22 p.m.!

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Nichet cave

The caves of Nichet and its legends

A unique wonder of the French Ardennes, the Nichet caves take you on an adventure 350 million years old (Jurassic era)! Accompanied by a Fromelennes tourism guide, dive for almost an hour into the depths of the earth, more than 30 meters underground, through a series of rooms spread over three levels.

Your guide will tell you the history of the cave and the legends that surround this natural wonder. Explore a universe at the center of the earth where imaginary characters “the Nutons” come to life and where the mysteries of the past are revealed at every step. The return to the surface is made through 114 steps, bringing explorers back to reality after a captivating immersion in the depths of the earth.

Opening time : 

  • In high season (from June 1 to August 31), every day from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m.
  • In mid season (from April 1 to May 31 / from September 1 to 30), every day from 14 p.m. to 18 p.m. 
  • In low season: closed. 

Exploring nature in Fromelennes

Nestled in a natural setting, Fromelennes is an ideal base for a vacation or a weekend in nature. 

Outdoor sports and recreation

Hikes in the forest, bike rides on the Trans-Ardennes greenway, cruises on the Meuse, paragliding flights: a multitude of outdoor activities await visitors and nature lovers who discover the Val d'Ardenne.

Find personalized advice and suggestions for your stay with the Tourist Office located near Fromelennes.

The Pointe de Givet nature reserve

The Pointe de Givet national nature reserve is a true treasure trove of biodiversity, home to no less than 454 plant species and 320 animal species. It offers a varied landscape, mixing forests, moors, dry grasslands and impressive rocky escarpments.

Among the plant species listed, no less than 19 species of orchids flourish in dry lawns and undergrowth. During your visit, you may have the chance to observe rare bird species such as the eagle owl and the northern lark.

For an in-depth discovery of this natural gem, guided tours are offered throughout the year. Guide booklets, in French and Dutch, are also available at the Fromelennes Tourist Office.

Where to eat in Fromelennes: restaurants and cafes

Here are the establishments to eat and drink in the town of Fromelennes:

  • The Brasserie des Grottes de Nichets: traditional and generous cuisine – Chemin des Grottes de Nichet – €20-30 per person.
  • Pizzeria Matizo: pizzas cooked over a wood fire and terrace in summer – 30 rue des Écoles – €10-30 per person. 
  • La Fromelennoise: traditional chip shop – 71 rue du Poteau – €10-20 per person.
  • Café des Sports: authentic and friendly bar – 99 rue Linard – €1-10 per person. 

Accommodation options: hotels, lodges and camping

Selection of accommodation for all budgets, from comfortable hotels to charming lodges and campsites in the countryside: 

  • Chalet Ardennais – Esplanade du Hulobiet – from €120 per night.
  • Chalet Istres des Ardennes – Domaine les Louaches – from €180 per night. 
  • Gîte du Domaine du Hulobiet – Chemin du Hulobiet – from €65 per night. 
  • Gîte Les Aubaines – 39 rue du Poteau – from €99 per night.
  • Camping La Clé des Champs – 49 rue des Grands Jardins in Rancennes (5 km from Fromelennes).

Discover the Fromelennes Tourist Office

To plan your visit, the Tourist Office located near Fromelennes welcomes you with pleasure to provide you with all the necessary information.

Come meet us at Tourist Office reception point 3,5 km from Fromelennes: 

Val d'Ardenne Tourist Office – Quai des Fours – 08600 Givet.

Opening time :

  • In high season (April 1 to September 30), Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 13 p.m. to 18 p.m.
  • In low season (from October 1 to March 31), Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 13 p.m. to 17 p.m.

Services offered: 

  • Tourism guides on Fromelennes, brochures and topoguides. 
  • Souvenir shop with local “Ardennes de France” products.
  • Free WIFI access
  • Relaxation area
  • Stays, guided tours and group excursions.

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