Also called “the city of slate” because of its past in the extraction and production of slate, Fumay is a small town in the Val d'Ardennes, bordering Belgium which has built a solid reputation for its heritage and history.  

Welcome to Fumay

Welcome to Fumay! This small village in the hollow of the Meuse, located 30 km from Charleville – Mézières, became famous from the XNUMXth century thanks to its slate extraction and export activity. Discover this very special town in the Val d’Ardennes region 

The rich history of Fumay: 

The strategic location of Fumay between the Netherlands and France as well as its direct presence on the Meuse make it an important economic and military location. As a result, for almost two centuries, Fumay was a commune disputed by the Kingdom of France and the Netherlands, until 1709, with the signing of a treaty which finally linked Fumay to the Kingdom of France. 

Fumay today: A balance between nature and culture

Fumay had to reinvent itself after the decline of the slate industry towards the end of the 20th century and thus find new development opportunities. To achieve this, the town focused on its many assets, starting with its setting: Fumay being located inside a loop of the Meuse and surrounded by nature, the town offers an idyllic setting for various outdoor activities. such as river cruises, hiking and cycling, notably the Trans-Ardennes greenway. On the cultural side, Fumay is rich in its past in the extraction and production of slate, as well as its numerous historic buildings visible from the outside, and which contribute to the cultural development of the town. 

The essentials of Fumay

The Fumay tourist office is a destination that offers a wide variety of activities to delight young and old. Whether you are a nature lover or a history and culture buff, there is no shortage of historical sites and outdoor activities in this small town which has so much to help you discover. 

Historic sites and heritage

It's difficult to go to Fumay without visiting the Saint-Georges de Fumay church, this imposing religious building measures 62 meters long, 20 wide and peaks at 70 meters high. Its construction began in 1872 to cope with demographic growth and thus replace the previous church built in 1439. It was in 1876 that the inhabitants of Fumay were then able to enjoy a new church, with neo-Gothic architecture. , entirely made of Dom-le-Mesnil stones, characterized by their yellow color, with the exception of the arrow, which is made of Jaumont stone. The carillon with the nine bells of the church has the particularity of ringing different melodies every quarter of an hour, and according to religious periods such as Easter or Christmas. If you wish to visit it, it is advisable to go there during religious services, as the church is only open during these times. 

The castle of the accounts of Bryas is another heritage jewel of Fumay built by the Bryas family during the last quarter of the 1825th century, then lord of Fumay. In 1837, the castle was sold to an entrepreneur who set up a white lead factory there, then later in 1951 it was acquired by the Moulin de Sainte-Anne slate company until the company was liquidated a few years later. The castle was then bought by the town of Fumay in 1972 and has been a historic monument since XNUMX.   

The Scailleteux fresco is a tribute to the slate workers who worked in Fumay. It was created by the sculptor Georges-Armand Favaudon and inaugurated in 1988 on avenue Jean Jaurès. This work represents the stages that make up the work of a slate worker, from extraction to installation.

outdoor activities

For nature lovers, many outdoor activities are offered by the Fumay tourist office. Hiking in particular is one of the essential activities to help you discover the nature that surrounds the town, two trails are particularly pleasant to practice, whether by mountain bike or on foot: 

  • Les Ardoisières de Fumay, for a distance of 19,3 km, allow approximately 5 hours 30 minutes for this hike in the undergrowth that the scailleteux took at the time, this trail should still be avoided for beginners.
  • Hike between the Belgian border and the Meuse, for a distance of 21,1 km and approximately 5 hours 10 minutes. The route begins near the castle of the Counts of Bryas then takes you to the hill overlooking Fumay, from where you will have a breathtaking view of the Meuse, ending near the Margut stream. 

You can also discover the landscape of the Ardennes from the Meuse with a river cruise departing from Fumay offered by Croises Charlemagne. 

If you are a thrill-seeker, the Terraltitude park offers you a multitude of outdoor activities such as tree climbing, paintball or even a giant zip line overlooking the Meuse with a length of 1,2km.

The 5 best restaurants in Fumay 

Here are some unmissable restaurants in Fumay that will delight your taste buds with local specialties, and for a budget of around 20 and 30 euros per person: 

  • The Hostellerie de la Vallée open from Tuesday to Sunday at 145 Pl. Aristide Briand, offers local specialties at a budget around 20-30 euros per person
  • The rose garden buffets are open from Wednesday to Sunday at 491 Route de Saint-Joseph, you can find buffets composed of homemade dishes. The establishment has a garden that young and old can enjoy. 
  • L'escale opens its doors to you from Tuesday to Sunday at 7 Quai du port au Blé. This restaurant located on the banks of the Meuse offers you an idyllic setting during your meal. 
  • The restaurant Sous la Voûte is open from Thursday to Monday and located 10 Pl. Aristide Briand, and whose reputation for its specialties, pizzas and skewers has earned it its success.
  • The Northern Cafe is open from Tuesday to Sunday, at 1 Rue Jean-Baptiste Clément and welcomes you in a warm and friendly atmosphere to help you discover their most emblematic dishes. 

How to get to Fumay

Fumay is accessible by car from any starting point. If you want to get there by train, you can leave from Paris, departing from Paris Est, then making a change at Charleville-Mézières which will take you to Fumay. If you want to get there from Belgium, from Namur precisely, you can take the train to Dinant and change with a bus to Givet and from Givet take the train to Fumay.

Where to stay in Fumay: Accommodation for all budgets

A long time ago : an 3th century house managed by an individual, located at 120 Rue du Docteur Bourgeois Lorient, from XNUMX euros per night. 

The Robinson Hotel restaurant 1,2 km from Fumay at 75 Rue Madame de Cormont in Haybes, from 68 euros per night. 

Logis le Saint-Hubert 2,1 km from Fumay located at 47 rue André Cunin in Haybes for a quiet stay surrounded by greenery, from 69 euros per night. 

Le Clos Joli is a Bed and Breakfast located in a quiet location in Haybes, 2,4 km from Fumay at the following address: 4 Rue du 24 Août. Plan a budget of around 99 euros per night for two adults. 

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