Discovering Haybes means discovering an authentic heritage and living environment, surrounded by nature. Labeled Green Station, Haybes is committed to sustainable tourism and offers a varied range of activities at the heart of a rich natural, cultural and historical heritage. Do not hesitate to contact the Tourist Office near Haybes for suggestions of activities to do in the region.

Haybes: A green setting in the heart of the Ardennes

Located on the peaceful banks of the Meuse, Haybe is a welcoming territory in the heart of Val d'Ardenne. Recognized nationally as a village offering meaningful stays, Haybes is committed to tourism close to nature, authentic and environmentally friendly. 

The natural attractions of the town

THETourist office, near Haybes, is an ideal starting point for discovering the natural treasures of the region. 

The captivating forests

The forest extends over more than 80% of the municipality's territory, captivating with its wild beauty. Ideal for hiking, Ardennes forest offers a multitude of shaded trails and circuits that invite you to explore them all year round. Flora and fauna abound, providing visitors and nature lovers with a space to explore and relax.

The banks of the Meuse

The winding banks of the Meuse add extra charm to Haybes. Along the banks, we enjoy a peaceful panorama, perfect for contemplation. Several panoramic viewpoints on the surrounding rocky promontories allow you to admire the natural setting of this preserved place. 

Haybes, Green Station committed to ecotourism

By being labeled Green Station, Haybes shares its vision of tourism that is both authentic and respectful of territories and sustainable initiatives in favor of nature. It offers a complete range of activities designed to enhance the natural attractions of the area: 

  • La Maison des hikes: open from May to September, ideally located on the edge of the RD7, 100 m from the banks of the Meuse. On site: VTC rental, hikers welcome, Haybes tourist guides, conservatory orchard and souvenir shop.
  • The Greenway Trans-Ardennes : 130 km of cycle paths to follow on the old towpath. This greenway allows you to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the Val d'Ardenne.
  • “Slates and Legends” hike: The 6,8 km circuit runs along a small stream and has 7 interpretation panels presenting the work in the slate quarries and the natural environment. 
  • The Aventure Évasion association is a structure specializing in the supervision of sports and outdoor activities, such as canoeing, mountain biking, climbing, hiking and many others!

At theTourist office near Haybes, you will find all the information you need to enjoy your stay. Consult our brochures and Haybes tourist guides and the Ardennes.

The architectural heritage of “Haybes-La-Jolie”

Alternately called Haybes-sur-Meuse, Haybes-la-Rose, Haybes-les-Ardoisières, and most often Haybes-la-Jolie, the town presents an architectural unity from the 1920s, due to its almost total destruction. during the First World War. The buildings, covered with slate, recall the history of the town, intrinsically linked to the extraction of slates, which once made the town's reputation.

A slate-colored village

For centuries, slate has left its mark on the identity of the Meuse valley and Haybes. It has shaped the lives of its inhabitants, adorned the buildings and still gives a unique color to this village today. Haybes had no less than 50 slate quarries, all closed since 1953. 

The town keeps traces of this important industry for the region on roofs, facades, paving... This characteristic blue-gray stone, extracted from local quarries, offers harmony with the surrounding forests and the peaceful waters of the Meuse.

The Church of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul

The Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul church in Haybes was rebuilt after the First World War, at the end of rue Principale (today rue André-Cunin), at the intersection with rue du Rivage leading at the Meuse. This new church adopts a medieval-inspired style with a classic Latin cross plan.

The construction uses different types of stone: gray-blue from Fépin for the structural work, white stone from Romery to highlight the bays and porches, Lérouville stone for the cornices, and of course, blue stone. from Givet for the bases and steps. The bell tower, topped with slates, is supported by two octagonal caps. Inaugurated in 1927, this church bears witness to the post-war reconstruction work.

The war memorial

The war memorial, inaugurated in 1926, is considered one of the most beautiful of Bulge. It commemorates the total destruction of the city and the massacre of 70 civilians who wanted to escape the fire.

The war memorial consists of a triumphal arch built in white stone, bearing the list of victims of the commune, framed by its semi-circular ends. In the center, a scene in allegorical form symbolizes, in the form of an adolescent, the victory of culture, humanism and human rights over barbarism. This teenager carries, in his left arm, a set of books representing Law and Science and brandishes, with his right hand, the torch of freedom. Protected by a lion, he walks under the wing of Victory. The whole rests on a base of blue stone from Givet, on which three bronze plaques are fixed.

Are you passionate about history? A Haybes tourism guide can accompany you to discover the historical heritage of the region, with theTourist office near Haybes.

Events and festivals in Haybes

Haybes organizes events and activities throughout the year. Discover the highlights not to be missed:

  • At the end of February each year, the West Haybes Country Club organizes the Haybes carnival. On the program: disguised parade in the streets, burning of Monsieur Carnaval and shared meal.
  • Every May 1, the municipality organizes a flea market on the banks of the Meuse.
  • The third weekend of July, is held Fest'in Haybes festival. Rock and blues music concerts followed by fireworks, open to the whole family and free.
  • Every Sunday morning, the market takes place at Place de l'Hôtel de Ville to discover local products.

Do not hesitate to contact theTourist office near Haybes to know the cultural agenda and events taking place during your stay in Haybes.

Recommended restaurants and inns

Our recommendations for the best places to enjoy local cuisine:

  • Le Saint Hubert: generous and gourmet dishes and regional specialties – 47 rue André Cunin – €30-40 per person.
  • Le Robinson: homemade dishes using fresh, seasonal produce – 75 rue Madame de Cormont – €15-20 per person.
  • Friterie Madrino: fresh fries on the banks of the Meuse – 6 rue Laennec – €10 per person.

Where to stay in Haybes?

Selection of accommodation offering a comfortable experience for all budgets: 

  • Hôtel Le Saint Hubert – 47 rue André Cunin – from €65 per night.
  • 3* Hotel Ermitage du Moulin Labotte – 52 rue Edmond Dromart – from €70 per night.
  • Bed and breakfast Le Clos Joli – 7 rue du 24August – from €95 per night. 
  • Furnished house La Jolie Rose – 4 Rue Pasteur – from €85 per night.

Check out Haybes tourist guides for recommendations on accommodation.

Where to go camping in Haybes?

For your stay tourism in Haybes, the municipal campsite welcomes you from May to September. Ideally located on the banks of the Meuse, along the Voie verte and at the start of numerous forest trails leading to pretty viewpoints to discover on foot or by bike. Reservation with the town hall.

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