Docking at Montigny-sur-Meuse is discovering the history of a village and an inseparable river. The secret charm of the village can be appreciated along the narrow streets stretching between the river and the green hills. You have to slip between its old houses to discover the soul of the village. Every street corner tells a story, every stone bears witness to a rich and captivating past.

Welcome to Montigny-sur-Meuse

Montigny-sur-Meuse benefits from an exceptional natural heritage, but also from an architectural wealth magnificently preserved by the traditional Ardennes schist stone houses.

Montigny-sur-Meuse: a territory to explore

Montigny-sur-Meuse, a small village on the banks of the Meuse, has everything you need for a successful excursion: a church, picturesque streets, a pretty walk and superb landscapes. Whether you like peaceful walks, bike rides or river cruises, you will find what you are looking for here.


The walking trails around Montigny-sur-Meuse offer stunning views of the river and surrounding hills. A stroll along the peaceful banks of the Meuse will allow you to appreciate the tranquility of the place, while the hiking trails in the hills will give you a more panoramic perspective of the region.

By bike

For cycling enthusiasts, Montigny-sur-Meuse is a true paradise. The Trans-Ardennes Greenway crosses the town, along the river using the old towpath. More than 130 kilometers offer a safe and pleasant ride for the whole family. Throughout the circuit, stops for cycle tourists and equipment have been set up to facilitate the journey.


Discovering Montigny-sur-Meuse from the Meuse is a unique experience. Boat trips are available, offering a different and fascinating perspective of the village and its surroundings. It's a relaxing and original way to see the region from another angle, that of the river.

On foot, by bike, on horseback or by boat: the Val d'Ardennes can be visited as you wish. L'Tourist office near Montigny-sur-Meuse (Rue du Château, 08320 Vireux-Wallerand) warmly welcomes you for any request for information. 

In the surroundings of Montigny-sur-Meuse

The surroundings of Montigny-sur-Meuse are just as rich in discoveries. Just a few kilometers away, you will find picturesque villages, enchanting forests and remarkable historical sites. With l'Tourist office located near Montigny-sur-Meuse, discover the heritage of the Val d'Ardenne. 

Medieval towns and villages

Dotted across the Ardennes territory, medieval towns and villages bear witness to a rich and eventful history. In Givet, Hierges, Haybes or even Vireux-Molhain: let yourself be immersed in the richness of the local heritage in our most beautiful villages. 

Fortified castles

Ramparts, towers, citadels and castles in the surrounding area are imposing witnesses to the region's medieval history. The Château de Hierges, the Roman camp and the Fort de Charlemont are perfect examples of the defensive architecture of the period. Visit these fortresses to immerse yourself in the chivalrous past of the Ardennes!

The Ardennes regional natural park

For nature lovers, the Ardennes regional natural park extends to the town of Montigny-sur-Meuse. This haven of peace offers remarkable biodiversity with numerous species of flora and fauna. Routes are also marked for hiking. Find maps of hiking trails and tourist guides on Montigny-sur-Meuse withVireux-Wallerand tourist office.

The Tourist Office near Montigny-sur-Meuse welcomes you

To properly prepare for your visit, theTourist office near Montigny-sur-Meuse is an essential resource. There you will find all the necessary information on local activities, accommodation, restaurants and events. The welcoming staff will be happy to advise you and help you plan your stay. Whether you are looking for tourist guides in Montigny-sur-Meuse, maps or personalized recommendations, theTourist office near Montigny-sur-Meuse is here to support you: 

Val d'Ardenne tourist office

Rue du Château – 08320 Vireux-Wallerand


After a day of discovery, you will certainly want to taste the local specialties. Here is a list of good restaurants in the Montigny-sur-Meuse area: 

  • Le Grain de Sel: typical French cuisine in a friendly setting – 28-29 Av. Roger Posty in Vireux-Molhain – €20-30 per person – Closed on Friday.
  • La Vie en Rose: traditional French and Italian cuisine – 51 Av. Roger Posty in Vireux-Molhain – €20-30 per person – Closed on Wednesday.
  • Pizzeria Chez Salvatore: generous pizzas in a friendly atmosphere – 10 rue du Général Bertrand in Vireux-Wallerand – €10-20 per person – Closed on weekends. 
  • Restaurant Château de Wallerand: gourmet cuisine based on fresh, local and seasonal produce – 14 rue du Général Bertrand in Vireux-Wallerand – €40-80 per person – Open every day. 
  • Chez Corine et Fernando: traditional chip shop – Pl. du Vivier in Haybes – €5-10 per person.


To extend your stay, many accommodations are available in Montigny-sur-Meuse and the surrounding area.

  • Chalet de Luve – Pont du Deluves in Vireux-Molhain.
  • Gîte le Confluent – ​​2 Place de la Jussière in Vireux-Molhain. 
  • Château Le Risdoux – Lieudit le Risdoux in Vireux-Wallerand.
  • Holiday home La Rose sur Meuse – Quai du Dr A. Hamai in Haybes.

How to arrive

By car: Montigny-sur-Meuse is accessible by car by road and motorway (A34 via Reims, E42 / E19 / E44 via Lille and E411 / E19 via Brussels).

By train: the SNCF station (Fépin 3,9 km or Vireux-Molhain 4,2 km) is served by a TER Grand Est line. You can take a train from many towns in the region, including Charleville-Mézières, connected to Paris by TGV.

By bike: the Trans-Ardennes Greenway (EuroVélo 19) crosses the town of Montigny-sur-Meuse.

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