Nestled in the heart of the Ardennes, Foisches is an invitation to discovery and rest in an exceptional green setting. With its authentic charm and hidden treasures, the village of Foisches is a must-see destination for those looking to discover the true spirit of the Val d'Ardenne.

A little bit of history

Foisches takes its name from the Gallic name “Colonia Faustina” (Colony of Faustin). Evolving over time through various forms like Faustia, Foxiae, Fostiae, and finally Foisches. Mentioned for the first time in 868 in the Polyptych of Lobbes Abbey, the village has spanned the centuries witnessing numerous historical events. For more information on the history of the region, do not hesitate to contact a tourist guide in Foisches.

The Lordship of Hierges and the conflicts

Until the 1554th century, Foisches was part of the Lordship of Hierges. The village has often suffered from its proximity to Givet and the Fort of Charlemont, strategic points on the Meuse. Between 1558 and XNUMX, fighting between French royal troops and the armies of Charles V left Foisches in ruins. A fortified house was then built near the Saint-Martin church to protect the town.

The coat of arms of Foisches

In 2001, Foisches officially adopted a coat of arms reflecting its identity: a hill and towers to represent the site of the village, and elements inspired by the coat of arms of the lords of Hierges.

Heritage and monuments in Foisches

The Templar farm

Despite its name, this farm has no connection with the Order of the Templars. Built in the early 1600s by the Templar family after the devastation caused by the wars, it was used as accommodation for the officers of Fort de Charlemont. Listed in the inventory of Historic Monuments in 1991, the Templar farm is a testimony to the eventful history of Foisches.

St. Martin's Church

Rebuilt in 1671, the Saint-Martin church is another notable point of interest in the village of Foisches. The main author of the reconstruction was Louis Wauthier, clerk and receiver of Charlemont and the consecrator was Monseigneur Blavier, suffragan of the bishop of Liège and pontificator at Foisches.

For all questions and tourist information, theTourist office near Foisches is available.

Foisches: a haven of peace in the Val d’Ardenne

Foisches is much more than just a village; it is a haven of peace where nature is queen. Visitors can discover a rich and varied heritage there, while enjoying the tranquility of the Ardennes landscapes.

Outdoor activities

The natural beauty of Foisches lends itself perfectly to outdoor activities. Hikes, walks in the woods, mountain bike trails or walks along the Meuse offer many opportunities to recharge your batteries. Discover nature activities atTourist office near Foisches.

The Ardennes Regional Nature Park

The Ardennes Regional Natural Park, covering 117 hectares, is an exceptional natural space. Perfect for outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, horse riding, fishing and canoeing, the park also offers numerous marked trails and the superb Trans-Ardennes Greenway.

To see around Foisches

The charming village of Foisches is the ideal base for exploring the region. 

The Château de Hierges

The Château de Hierges, in the Mosane Renaissance style, is a must-visit for history and architecture enthusiasts. Explore its unique architecture, historical people and events linked to the castle, and its fascinating legends.

The fort of Charlemont

The Charlemont fort is the only example, in the north of France, of the military art of the 16th and 17th centuries. This French fortress dominates the pretty town of Givet and once controlled the Meuse valley.

Today, the historic part of the site at the East Point of Charlemont and the imperial enclosure can still be visited.

TerrAltitude Park in Fumay

Located a few kilometers from Foisches, TerrAltitude Park is a true paradise for thrill-seekers. With a giant zip line 1200 meters long to fly over the Meuse at more than 110 km/h, bungee jumping, free jumping, paintball, high acrobatic courses, picnic areas and a snack bar , everything is there to spend an unforgettable family day! 

Rivéa water park

For a day of aquatic relaxation, go to the Rivéa aquatic center in Givet. With modern and varied equipment, this center offers pools for all ages and all desires, from the pleasure of water games to relaxation.

Eating around Foisches

After a day full of discoveries, there's nothing like a gourmet break in one of the restaurants located near the village:

  • Auberge de la Voûte: traditional and tasty cuisine – Lieu known as the 3 fountains in Chooz – €30-40 per person.
  • L’Amérivière bar brasserie: French and regional cuisine – 2 seats. Louis Debette in Aubrives – €20-30 per person. 
  • La Cuisine du 19: traditional cuisine with a fine selection of wines, in a warm atmosphere – 19 rue Gambetta in Givet – €40-50 per person.
  • Auberge de la Tour: pretty rustic inn to taste the flavors of French cuisine – 6 quai des Fours in Givet – €30-60 per person. 

Accommodation in Foisches

To extend your stay, several gîtes and guest houses welcome you: 

  • Gîte la Reine des Prés – 1 chemin de Vaucelles.
  • Gîte La Clé des Champs – 12 place des Boucards.
  • Gîte La Charlemont – 2 route de Charlemont.

Getting to Foisches

Foisches is easily accessible, whether by car, train or bike.

By car: Foisches is accessible by car by road and motorway (A34 via Reims, E42 / E19 / E44 via Lille and E411 / E19 via Brussels).

By train: the SNCF stations of Aubrives and Givet (around 4 km from Foisches) are served by the TER Grand Est line. You can take a train from many towns in the region, including Charleville-Mézières, connected to Paris by TGV.

By plane: the closest airport is Charleroi Brussels-South in Belgium.

By bike: the Trans-Ardennes Greenway (EuroVélo 19) passes below the town.

Tourist office near Foisches: reception and information

To discover all the hidden treasures of Foisches, go to theTourist office near Foisches. You will find all the information you need for a successful stay: brochures, maps, tourist guides on Foisches and shops with local products.

Address: 10 quai des Fours, 08600 Givet
Opening hours: Open Tuesday to Sunday all year round.
Phone: 03 24 42 92 42

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