12 unmissable viewpoints in Val d'Ardenne

Discover the most photogenic viewpoints in the Val d'Ardenne whatever the season.

5 good reasons to come to Val d'Ardenne

Hello everyone, Let's go today to discover 5 good reasons to come to our territory of Val d'Ardenne. Located in the very north of the department, it has many things to discover and/or do and above all unforgettable memories to offer you! This list is of course not exhaustive because other experiences,…

5 reasons to love camping

It's no coincidence that camping is France's favorite way of vacationing. And if you still have to be convinced to take the plunge, here are 5 good reasons to enjoy the joy of outdoor holidays.

5 tips for combining hunting and hiking

Here are our 5 tips for combining hunting and hiking in our territory of Val d'Ardenne!

I tested La Terrasse in Givet for you

La Terrasse restaurant with a view of Charlemont Today I'm taking you to discover an extraordinary restaurant, located in the charming tourist town of Givet: La Terrasse. This atypical restaurant offers an unusual parenthesis on the water. Indeed, its terrace, its kitchen, the toilets… all rests on a floating pontoon. You…

TerrAltitude: The routes

Here we are again at Parc TerrAltitude in Fumay with Armand! It's a beautiful day for climbing in the trees! We are going to test the routes. Arriving at the Park, we go directly to the equipment. For the courses, we need a harness consisting of 2 lanyards, 2 carabiners, gloves and a pulley.…

beer soup

On this somewhat gloomy Wednesday, the idea of ​​making a good soup to warm us up comes into our minds. And even more so if it is a tradition and a good one from home: Beer soup. Preparation for 6 people 2 large yellow onions 1 piece of butter 1 spoonful of flour 2 glass of broth…

Ardennaise salad with dandelions

In this month of March, spring returns. The coldness of winter leaves us to give way to a few beautiful sunny days... and suddenly, we feel like taking a country walk in the heart of our Ardennes landscapes. And also the desire to eat a good Ardennaise salad... The gloom has gone away and now here and there,…

The blue stone of Givet

North of the Ardennes… it is an emblematic stone. Its bluish color has changing reflections, depending on whether the weather is rainy or sunny. Blue it colors the facades of the houses, and, married to the brick, it will have no more admiration in your eyes. Thus, this limestone, with a tint…

Ardennes style trout

Fishing enthusiasts will not have missed this date for anything in the world. Yes, since this weekend… trout fishing has resumed its rights until September 18th. The streams and rivers of the Ardennes are once again open to all anglers looking for new catches. Expert in the matter, maybe…

The Roman camp

I went to discover Camp Romain on Mont Vireux. A site is exceptional and magical. A warm entrance The Roman camp The Roman camp is above all a historical site, which includes vestiges of the lower Roman Empire and medieval vestiges. But today, the Roman camp is above all, a…

Bare ass cracker

With this weather, nothing like a good bare ass shit! Or rather cheeky! The little story Like bouillabaisse in Marseille or sauerkraut in Strasbourg, in the Ardennes, we have bare-bottom cacasses. Originally it was a simple and nutritious dish, a fricassee of potatoes…

Pan-fried apple-pear white pudding from Haybes in Lalobbe jus

Today, in Gastronomy Mondays in the Ardennes, chef Orphée of the hotel restaurant Robinson reveals his recipe for pan-fried apple-pear white pudding in Lalobbe juice. A traditional recipe, brought up to date by the chef of the Robinson restaurant. Between a sweet and savory mix, this recipe subtly mixes…

Ardennes blueberry tart

Today, in Gastronomy Mondays in the Ardennes, chef Orphée of the hotel restaurant Robinson reveals his recipe for blueberry pie. Blueberries are wild fruits that grow in our Ardennes undergrowth. There is a tradition in the way of picking them. The easy way to harvest your blueberries…

Mirabelle plum tart

Today, in Gastronomy Mondays in the Ardennes, chef Orphée from the hotel restaurant Robinson reveals his mirabelle plum tart. consume them, it is a natural wax made by the mirabelle plum to protect itself…

The legend of the three bandits of Givet

The Ardennes, land of legends, abounds in mysteries and ancient Ardennes customs, vestiges of our past. Today, allow me to tell you one. Let's set off together to discover a mysterious legend attached to the town of Givet, the legend of the three robbers. Did you know? Legend has it that Givet and its region were terrorized for a long time and…

Cinnamon and brown sugar cake

Today, great gourmet that I am, I tested for you the winter cake with cinnamon and brown sugar. Hum… Nothing like a hot cake straight out of the oven and a coffee to warm up! So I take you to discover our local recipes. I also put you at…

The Spanish House of Revin

The sun is starting to show the tip of its nose, the flowers too, spring has arrived. Tourists will soon be there, looking for some activities and discoveries in our beautiful Meuse valley. Land of legends and rich in its historical heritage, the Ardennes never ceases to enchant and amaze our tourists. It's here…

Easter cake pops

On this Easter Monday, I'm taking over to offer you a fun recipe that your children will love to share with you. And since Easter rhymes with chocolate eggs, as much as it looks like? After Sunday's egg hunt, it's time to get your hands dirty and...

Chaplains with caramelized pears

Marie-Jo, from the restaurant La Table du Pays in Hargnies, reveals her recipe for caramelized pear chaplains. Today, the Chef and Master Restaurateur of the restaurant La Table du Pays in Hargnies, Marie Josèphe GARAND, better known as the name of “Marie-Jo”, has prepared a delicious dessert for you, very simple and very quick to…

Discovering the “Mont Despite-All”

With its 232 kilometers of marked hiking trails, the Val d'Ardenne is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. Why not take advantage of a sunny day to discover the marvelous landscapes that the Meuse valley has to offer? Between nature and heritage, let's discover Mont Despite-All in Revin.…

Pork ribs with vegetables

Today, the chef and Master restaurateur of the restaurant La Table du Pays in Hargnies, Marie-Josèphe Garand, better known as "Marie-Jo", has prepared a delicious recipe for us, a family dish that you can serve to your guests and during a family meal: pork ribs with small vegetables…

The onion fair

The Onion Fair takes place once a year! So come and have a look and find what you're looking for! But in fact, what is it? It is a very large event that brings together no less than 500 street vendors from all over France and who settle in the…

Mom's apple pie

My dear mom has lent herself to the game and reveals her recipe for apple pie. There's nothing like it to cheer you up in this cold and wet season. So get to your stove and bon appetit! Apples The ingredients for the apple pie For the shortcrust pastry: 200gr of flour100gr of butter…

The kings' cake

As you all know, a few days after the New Year comes Epiphany, a Christian feast that celebrates the Messiah who came and incarnated into the world and received the visit and homage of the Magi. It takes place on January 6, but in countries where the Epiphany is not a public holiday, it can be celebrated...

The Ardennes Rouillotte

Today, I tested an appetizing recipe for you, taken from the cookbook “La cuisine des Ardennes”: La Rouillotte ardennaise; which is, in fact, nothing more than a traditional brioche. It is the fundamental cake of many regions of France. In the Ardennes, the brioche comes in the shape of a crown…

Mardi Gras Donuts

Phew! the days fly by! And yes tomorrow is already Mardi Gras in France but also in Belgium. A date that everyone knows well because custom dictates that on this occasion, donuts, pancakes, waffles and other delicacies come to delight our taste buds. Last year I offered you a recipe for…

R'vin's wafers

In the Ardennes, the tradition was that we cook, sometimes during the evenings but especially for the New Year, crispy and golden wafers. Made before this date, they were distributed to family and friends on the 1st of the year. These delicacies were made in cast iron “wafer makers” which…

Discover The city of slate: the town of Fumay

Discover the city of slate by going there to see its must-see places

Discovering the Monument of the Maquis des Manises

Discover the history of this monument located in Revin and that of the courage of the maquisards...

Tiramisu with pink biscuits and raspberries

Here is a dessert idea for Valentine's Day but not only! You can have fun cooking it at any time! So when are you testing?

Chocolate cake

Here is a chocolate cake recipe to please your better half whether it's Valentine's Day or not! Ready to taste?

Top 5 family outings in summer

Discover a top 5 of possible activities in summer in Val d'Ardenne. Fun guaranteed!

Interview with Mrs. Nel Vlieger

Meeting with Nel who makes magnificent Fumay slate jewelry. Discover his know-how.

Hiking in the Ardennes: Roche Cormont

Take advantage of a beautiful sunny day like today to go for a walk between slates and legends in the heart of the Ardennes forest.

10 good reasons to be proud to be from the Ardennes

are you proud to be from the Ardennes? Here are the 10 good reasons why!

Journey to the heart of the Nichet cave

Today I take you with me to the bowels of the earth, to the cave of Nichet located in Fromelennes in the Ardennes

We tested: Charlemagne cruises!

Sail on the Meuse with Charlemagne cruises!

Givet Onion Tart

Discover or re-discover the ancestral recipe for onion tart from the town of Givet.

Discovery of the city with a rich industrial past

Come and discover the town of Revin, which has a great industrial heritage and traces the emblematic history of certain families.

The 4 good reasons to go to the village of Hierges

The village of Hierges is a medieval village located in Val d'Ardenne. Here are the 4 good reasons to come and visit it...

Ideas for outdoor outings

Many outings, outdoors are possible on our territory of Val d'Ardenne. Come discover some of them with us!

Discover the old center of Givet

Let's go together today to discover the old center of the town of Givet, follow me, let's go!

Ideas for outings when you are passionate about history in Val d'Ardenne

Let's discover together the sites not to be missed when you are passionate about history and passing through the Val d'Ardenne

Card game: the Couillon!

Discover in this article the rules of the Couillon game, a very famous card game in the Ardennes!

Walks on the Trans-Ardennes greenway

Since the greenway was awarded the “European cycle path 2010” award at the largest hiking fair in the Netherlands (30 visitors in February), it has seen its popularity increase with a sporting public. It's not every day that a bike path is awarded by bike country.…

In the footsteps of the emblem of the Ardennes: The boar

With its 232 kilometers of marked hiking trails, the Val d'Ardenne is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. We invite you to discover the benefits of our preserved nature. The boar is the symbol of the Ardennes. During your visit, you will surely hear about it. A mythical animal on which runs well…

Nichet cave

I take you to discover the mysterious cave of Nichet in Fromelennes in the Ardennes. A marvelous and strange site at the same time.

5 tips for enjoying fall

With the arrival of autumn, we feel tired and a little depressed. The days are getting shorter and it's getting colder. Despite everything, you don't want to let the gloom take over and you decide to treat yourself to a short stay to re-energize yourself. I couldn't have done better! :-) Your destination?…

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