Phew! the days fly by! And yes tomorrow is already Mardi Gras in France but also in Belgium. A date that everyone knows well because custom dictates that on this occasion, donuts, pancakes, waffles and other delicacies come to delight our taste buds. Last year I offered you a recipe for donuts that looked like “bugnes lyonnaises”. This year, here is another donut recipe, similar to the delicious "nun's farts" that we usually eat at fairs and carnivals. It is precisely the occasion then,… to your stoves! ?

Ingredients (about 30)

  • 300g of flour
  • Baker's yeast (1/4 packet)
  • 1dl of milk
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 25g of butter
  • 1 more dl of milk
  • huile de friture

Preparation of donuts

  1. Take 75g of flour. Add the yeast previously diluted in lukewarm milk, then let rise.
  2. Once the sourdough is ready, add the remaining flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt and cold melted butter.
  3. Knead well and add the other deciliter of milk to obtain a semi-firm dough.
  4. Cover and let rise again (about 2 hours).
  5. Once the donut dough has risen, heat the frying oil.
  6. Scoop out the paste with a teaspoon and drop it into the hot oil.
  7. Once golden, drain the donuts and sprinkle with icing sugar.

And There you go! A recipe for delicious donuts, to share with the family over a good hot chocolate.

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