The territory of the Val d'Ardenne offers several walks suitable for children, with a short course and above all, a game booklet which allows you to discover the heritage in a fun way.

ELFE network

The ELFE network is a set of circuits, straddling France and Belgium, with different panels that will allow you to decipher the language of the elves and find the arrow lost by one of them.

Mont d'Haurs circuit

The Mont d'Haurs de Givet offers a fun circuit to discover the plant and animal species that make this nature reserve special.


Nuton, a curious imp has wandered far from home. Help him, through a series of riddles, to find the way to his house...


Arduinna, goddess of the Ardennes forest, needs to find the recipe for the magic potion in order to bring the creature that accompanies her back to life. Go in search of the ingredients that make up this potion.

The lucky nail thief

Adélaïde, a young girl of marriageable age, wanted to go to the Saint Roch chapel, located in the town of Fumay, in order to kiss the lucky nail... According to legend, by kissing this nail, she would be married with his promised before the end of the year… Arriving there, fright, horror, the nail had disappeared… But who stole it? Help us find it...

The Knight of Hierges

The Chevalier de Hierges lost his memory following a strong sword blow to the head. Discover the village of Hierges to recompose, using the letters found during your various puzzles, the name of this great family which forever marked the history of the village of Hierges.

Find the different game booklets in the tourist office reception points at Givet and at Vireux-Wallerand.

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