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Circuit du Viroquois

The castle of Vireux-Wallerand, the Spanish house, the Roman camp, the viewpoints over the Meuse valley, are all attractions that will make you appreciate this circuit.


Landscapes and panoramas

1/ Cross the first level crossing and take the road towards the football field. At the stadium continue straight. 

2/ Do not cross the bridge, but take the road that runs along an arm of the Viroin on the right and cross the stone bridge. continue, then take the D 47 on the left to the nature reserve.

3/ Take the dirt road on the left, then cross the footbridge on the left and reach a crossroads.

2/ Turn right into rue Gambetta. Continue along Rue Tiers and Rue Carnot.

4/ Turn right into rue du Gué, then turn left onto the road.

5/ Go right, cross the bridge over the Deluve and follow the valley to the picnic area.

6/ Turn left, cross the bridge and continue towards the Roman camp. Go up in the wood, take the road to the left for 50 m, then head right for a few meters.

> possibility of reaching the Roman camp via a path which rises to the right (8).

7/ Continue down via rue de l'Egalité, continue via rue de la Strée then avenue Roger-Posty. 

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