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Circuit du Sergent York

Walk in the footsteps of Sergeant York as a family on this historic trail to see and feel the story of this hero of the Great War.


History, Nature, Landscapes and panoramas

Equip yourself with suitable equipment Download the circuit before leaving Deal with ticks and processionary caterpillars, equip yourself with suitable equipment, preferably long clothes Stay on the trail

1/ From the main street Laloy Chenet, go left.

2/ Turn left again, leaving rue des goulets on the right. Continue straight, leaving the path next to the pumping station on the left.

3/ At the intersection, turn left and continue straight. Go along a pond and follow the path leading to the heart of the hill where the Sergeant's exploits took place. Pass over a small stream.

4/ Turn right and continue straight.

5/ Continue to the right on the wide path above the stele.
An informative plaque and a stele commemorate the feats of arms.

6/ Descend to the right and continue straight. Cross a small stream then a second. Leave a path on the left and continue to the crossroads.

3/ Then go straight on to reach Châtel.

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