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Deux histoires pour une ville

Discover the intertwined history of these two very different towns: Mézières, medieval, commercial then defense town of the Kingdom of France and Charleville, town born from the dream of an Italian Prince.


History, Heritage

From Place Ducale, follow Rue du Moulin, towards the Meuse. Cross the quay and take the footbridge which crosses the Meuse and the Île du Vieux Moulin.

(1) At the end of the footbridge, follow the path to the right as far as the Pont de Montcy. Continue straight on the same pavement on the left until the pedestrian crossing, at the start of the Montcy coast. Take the path along the banks of the Meuse, then the canal.

(2) Cross the canal bridge and walk along it again, on the other bank. Pass under the railway bridge (small path).

(3) Continue on the Voie Verte and skirt the Bois en Val nature reserve. Follow the canal to the bridge passing under the railway.

(4) Cross the bridge, then turn left to follow the Meuse again via the Voie Verte.

(5) Go up the esplanade, on the right, which leads to the Place de l'Hôtel de Ville. Take the stairs that lead to Place du Château.

(6) Join Place de la Basilique Notre-Dame d'Espérance and go around it. Cross the Rue du Quai du Roy and take the Promenade des Remparts and follow the canal. Arriving in front of the former Clément Bayard factories, follow Rue Louis Tirman to the right. Cross Square Bayard and join Avenue Général Teissier.

(7) Take the Passerelle Bleue, Passerelle Bayard, and continue along Rue d'Alsace, then Avenue d'Arches. Go up Avenue d'Arches, towards the town center and the Charles de Gonzague statue.

(8) Continue straight on the pedestrian street to reach Place Ducale.

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