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Boucle de la chambre aux loups

A gentle stroll close to the city.


Landscapes and panoramas

Walk around respecting crops and plantations. Be vigilant near plots undergoing agricultural treatment. Be vigilant when crossing roads and in town.

Follow the yellow pedestrian markings.

1- From Place Carnot, take the direction of Rue Gambetta passing by turning right in front of the Galeries Carnot.
Go down the entire Rue Gambetta, continuing straight ahead. Pass in front of the Tourelles and continue straight. At the crossroads near the Center des Impots, go straight.

2- Turn right onto rue de la Fontaine Sainte Maurille. then turn left 80m further to reach the path. Continue straight ahead until a crossroads, then keep left on the grass path.

3- At the Ferme de la Come, turn right towards the Chambre aux loups.

4- Turn left at the crossroads of four paths and continue straight. Then cross the D41 with caution and go straight.

5- Turn right to return to Vouziers.

6- Cross the roundabout and take a small grassy path 40m after the roundabout in the direction of Vouziers.

7- Stay on rue de Ste Marie, cross the intersection with rue des Maryzis and go behind the old courthouse. Go up this street and return to rue Gambetta.

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