TerrAltitude: The routes

Here we are again at Parc TerrAltitude in Fumay with Armand! It's a beautiful day for climbing in the trees! We are going to test the routes. Arriving at the Park, we go directly to the equipment. For the courses, we need a harness consisting of 2 lanyards, 2 carabiners, gloves and a pulley.…

Ardennes style trout

Fishing enthusiasts will not have missed this date for anything in the world. Yes, since this weekend… trout fishing has resumed its rights until September 18th. The streams and rivers of the Ardennes are once again open to all anglers looking for new catches. Expert in the matter, maybe…

5 reasons to love camping

It's no coincidence that camping is France's favorite way of vacationing. And if you still have to be convinced to take the plunge, here are 5 good reasons to enjoy the joy of outdoor holidays. 1) The quality/price ratio of the campsite If there is a reason that justifies that…

10 good reasons to be proud to be from the Ardennes

are you proud to be from the Ardennes? Here are the 10 good reasons why!

We tested: Charlemagne cruises!

Sail on the Meuse with Charlemagne cruises!

12 unmissable viewpoints in Val d'Ardenne

Discover the most photogenic viewpoints in the Val d'Ardenne whatever the season.

Card game: the Couillon!

Discover in this article the rules of the Couillon game, a very famous card game in the Ardennes!

5 tips for combining hunting and hiking

Here are our 5 tips for combining hunting and hiking in our territory of Val d'Ardenne!

TerrAltitude Park

If you are looking for activities on our territory, the Terraltitude park located in Fumay can offer you some! In the heart of the Meuse regional natural park, on its heights, a park full of adventures awaits you. Suitable for all ages, children or adults can test: its tree climbing courses, its paintball,...

The village of Hierges

Hierges the feudal invites you… At the gates of Belgium, marked by the history of its castle, the village of Hierges is a journey through time. View of Hierges and its castle Place full of charm, when one walks in the main cobbled artery with its blue stone houses and slate roofs,…

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