TerrAltitude: The routes

Here we are again at Parc TerrAltitude in Fumay with Armand! It's a beautiful day for climbing in the trees! We are going to test the routes. Arriving at the Park, we go directly to the equipment. For the courses, we need a harness consisting of 2 lanyards, 2 carabiners, gloves and a pulley.…

Journey to the heart of the Nichet cave

Today I take you with me to the bowels of the earth, to the cave of Nichet located in Fromelennes in the Ardennes

Nichet cave

I take you to discover the mysterious cave of Nichet in Fromelennes in the Ardennes. A marvelous and strange site at the same time.

TerrAltitude Park

If you are looking for activities on our territory, the Terraltitude park located in Fumay can offer you some! In the heart of the Meuse regional natural park, on its heights, a park full of adventures awaits you. Suitable for all ages, children or adults can test: its tree climbing courses, its paintball,...

Nichet cave

The Nichet cave located in Fromelennes offers its visitors an unusual and mysterious discovery at a depth of 35 meters! This cave offers around twenty rooms, from that of the nutons to that of the skeleton, passing through the room of the abyss or that of the Lovers, your visit as unusual as it is enigmatic will allow…

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