We are back at TerrAltitude park in Fumay with Armand! It's a beautiful day for climbing in the trees! We are going to test the routes.

Arriving at the Park, we go directly to the equipment. For the courses, we need a harness consisting of 2 lanyards, 2 carabiners, gloves and a pulley.

The principle of the acrobatic courses is to move in the trees.

After having been equipped, we watch a video informing us of the safety instructions and the attitudes to adopt on the courses.

Then a facilitator directs us to the courses adapted to our size.

The routes go from the easiest to the most sporty!

TerrAltitude discovery trail

Arriving at TerrAltitude, we start by climbing the rope wall, so far so good, I have to juggle between the carabiners to make sure I am always maintained. Be careful not to get your feet stuck (that's what happened to me).

I pass over a wooden suspension bridge, I feel like I could fall at any moment. Don't panic, the carabiners will catch up with you!

Oh a little zipline!

The green course is a discovery course, this one makes you discover the height little by little and thus apprehend the void. I hang on using the carabiner, the pulley, I put on the gloves and off we go! I land on a mattress gently and safely.

To get off the catwalk, I hold on to the asparagus and let myself slide. I feel like I'm going to love my day!

At the next level: strength and resistance

We're taking it to the next level! The barrels! I have to pass through the barrels while pulling on a rope to climb: what an adventure!

I see a "sumo" in the distance? I wonder how do we get past this? Don't panic Laura, there is bound to be a solution: I hook my carabiner, I grab the sumo and I move forward smoothly. The key is to have a good balance, strength and resistance: fingers in the nose!

Then we move on to the climbing net. It looks like a fireplace. There too, I have to use my physical strength while hooking my carabiners on the way up.

I'm talking about carabiners, pulleys and gloves but of course you're not supposed to guess. Throughout the routes, signs and markings are attached to the trees to remind you when to use the right equipment.

A bike ? A surf?

Yes, a bicycle, on which I have to ride, pedal to the other footbridge. You say to yourself: impossible! And yet it is. Little trick: to reach the other footbridge with the bike, you have to pedal very very quickly and, in no time, you will arrive at your destination!

I have never surfed and the TerrAltitude park gives me the opportunity! Extra! Plus, I'm surfing through the air. My carabiner is hooked, I hold on to the ropes that hold the surfboard and the trip is done quietly and safely.

The TerrAltitude sensation course

Here we are in front of a gigantic sheet of netting. Here, no need for a lanyard or carabiner. I only go there with the gloves. The goal is to master your balance! And bet slightly on the physical. I observe a mattress, placed on ropes. I have to pass over the mattress without falling on the netting. Missed for me, I held a few seconds to find myself in the arms of the net. On the other hand, Armand passed the test 100%! Very good control of the balance Armand!

Finally we slide into a big pipe, a great slide! That's what I call finishing in style.

We had a wonderful day! Strong in sensations and adventures! My only desire is to go back.


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