I take you to discover the mysterious cave of Nichet in Fromelennes in the Ardennes. A marvelous and strange site at the same time.

The bowels of the earth

Upon entering the cave, the first thing I feel is amazement. The depth of the cave is 53 meters and is divided into 20 rooms including 10 unexplored rooms.

The cave is a chasm. The last room that can be visited is 30 meters deep. During my excursion, I listen to a soundtrack that explains each room. In addition, a guide accompanies me throughout my journey.

The Nutons room is the first room. A showcase is on display with animal bones, particularly foxes. I am surprised to meet nuts during the visit. In this room, there is an aven. it is here that prehistoric men entered the cave. I have the pleasure of seeing through the shapes of stalagmites and stalactites, animals. I see the face of a boar near the entrance. The guide helps me run my imagination during the visit.

The Cave of Nichet

The cave lion

A cave diffuses the outside light. When the lamps are extinguished, daylight forms a lion on a stalagmite. Hence the name of this room “the lion room”. I also see some animals here. Odd ! Subliminal! Nature shows me these confusions.

The black film

I notice on some walls, a black film. This is not natural. At the time, to illuminate the cave, the guides used torches for the visits. It is therefore the smoke of the torches which produced this black color. Thanks to the rainwater that infiltrates the cave, the plates are gradually peeling off and the cave regains its naturalness! Nature always takes back its rights. I also wonder about the lack of greenery in the cave. Greenery is only found where there are lamps. A bit of light and humidity offers us small green corners.

The broken couple

One room is called the lovers' room. Why lovers? Unfortunately because of the degradations made in the cave I could not see this couple embracing in the stalagmite.
Indeed, when the nichet cave was not secure and therefore open to passers-by, the stalactites and stalagmites were cut. This is really unfortunate. Knowing that a stalactite and a stalagmite come together very slowly. Namely 1cm every 100 years.

Gradually, I realize that I have been filming since the beginning of the visit. An impression of going around in circles while sinking.

The Hanging Rock Room

In my opinion, the most impressive room is the hanging rock room. This rock defies the laws of gravity. It is separated by a crack 9 meters deep. Do not panic. It would take a cataclysm for it to fall on our heads.
I notice the beauty of a mineral dam. Nature presents me with a magnificent spectacle.

In eternal search of our ancestors

The skeleton room is a small room. So called because a human skeleton was found here. According to the guide, in 1772, a man died of hunger and cold. Unfortunately the skeleton is no longer on display in this room. One day, a visitor left with the skull. What an idea !

I have the opportunity to see gours in training. Some walls are strongly marked by the waterfalls seeping into the cave.
In the visible rooms, holes lead to other unexplored rooms. This arouses my curiosity. I am thinking of labyrinths or earthlings. Speleologists continue their research. Always in eternal search of our ancestors. Hoping that one day these rooms can be visited.

My visit is over. But first, I have to climb the 114 steps that will lead me to the exit. Courage !

To know many other mysteries of the cave of Nichet, go and visit it!


A restaurant is available next to the cave. As well as a bouncy castle to entertain the children.
It is possible to do a fitness trail, picnic or have a barbecue. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of Fromelennes and Givet.

A relaxing and unusual moment not to be missed!

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